Is your checkbook still freaking out over paying your property taxes? Well, get ready, this year’s appraisal notices are coming your way, and they might be a lot higher than you are expecting.

This is a reappraisal year, which means the El Paso Central Appraisal District will be looking at your home, and the homes around it, to come up with a new valuation on your home, which could mean a higher property value, and more property taxes.

Appraisals go out during the first week of April, and if you want to file a protest, you have to file it 30 days from the time you get your notice, or by May 31st, whichever is later. May 31st falls on a Sunday this year, so the deadline has been moved to June 1st.

If you want to file a protest with the CAD, you’ll need to prove why your home isn’t worth as much as the CAD says it is. You’re going to need things like photographs, receipts and information about neighboring properties, so start gathering those things.

The CAD website has information about how to file a protest, which exemptions you might be eligible for, and printable forms.