Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Funny how the word “Gobble” can represent a noise that a Turkey makes but also as in, gobbling all the food on Thanksgiving!

If you are all about cooking that fine bird to perfection, there are different methods to cooking the bird than your traditional oven roasted turkey.

For those of you who are not afraid to stray from the norm – consider the following ways on cooking a turkey this holiday season.

  • Turkey Roasted in a Bag: Popular and keeps your turkey super juicy and saves time cleaning.
  • Charcoal or Grilled Turkey: Perfect for the men in the family that love to BBQ!
  • Smoked Turkey: Lots of work but the payoff is some awesome smoked turkey!
  • Deep-Fried Turkey: If you are all about a crispy exterior and a juicy turkey this is for you.
  • Microwaved Turkey: For the lazy and non-cooks in the bunch – and yes you can microwave a turkey.
  • Turkey in a Brown Paper Bag: I hear this makes your turkey succulent and finger licking good!
  • Adobado Turkey: Say what – Yes, friends…Adobado Turkey! A friend of mine made this one year and I gotta say it was my ultimate favorite.

How do you make your Turkey!?