Earlier this morning, Mike and I were talking about what experts say you should say to your kids about scary news events like yesterday's Boston Marathon bombings, and it brought up something I did on 9/11 when my kids were still young....

Ryan and Sam were at St. Joseph's, and I was worried about taking them to school because everything was so scary.  My dad finally convinced me to take them, because it would keep their schedule as normal as possible.

But before I dropped them off, I called the school and asked what their policy was on teachers watching the news coverage on tv.  Social media wasn't a concern, but CNN was.  I didn't want my kids watching coverage at school that I wouldn't allow them to watch at home.

So, how does your child's school handle situations like this?  Do they allow tv's in the classroom, internet and social media access, or do they block all that?  Should they?  Tell us what you think.