Have you ever wondered just how hot it gets in a car for a dog during the summer here in El Paso? Well, one veterinarian has done just that, to see how hot it really gets.

Dr. Ernie Ward is a self described animal advocate who has appeared on the Rachel Ray show, had his own Animal Planet show and has contributed to over 65 veterinary journal articles.  He has spent his entire career educating the public so they are better prepared to care for their dogs or cats. In this web video, he shows the dangers of leaving your pet in the car for 30 minutes.

Youtube Via User DrErnieWard

He began by sitting in the car and cracking the windows about an inch, which is typical of pet owners who do leave their animals in the car. The car began with an internal temperature of about 92 degrees, which is a typical, if not low, temperature for an El Paso summer day. After about 5 minutes, the temperature rose to almost 100 degrees inside the vehicle and the vet was sweating profusely. An interesting point Dr. Ward makes is that while humans are able to cool their bodies by sweating, dogs and cats are not able to do this. Something that I believe most owners forget about when they leave their pet in the car.

After ten minutes, the temperature rose to 106 degrees inside of the car and at 15 minutes, it was 110 degrees inside of the car. The doctor said a small dog who is older inside the vehicle would be in serious trouble. By the end of the 30 minutes, the temperature reached 117 degrees inside of the vehicle.

After this, I hope owners can share this video and show how scary it must be for a dog who is left by their owner in the car. Your animal trusts you to take care of them and have their best interests at heart, and the fact that you have left them in this situation is scary. Not to mention they have no idea when you will be coming back to get them. Especially in a city like El Paso, where the temperature gets well over 100 degrees,  it is never okay or safe. Don't leave your pets in the car, it could possibly save their life.