How Do You De-Stress Over The Holidays?

As the holidays are fast approaching some of us tend to become so mentally exhausted that soon you start feeling the burden of the holiday take a toll!

So how do you deal with the relatives, activities, shopping, expense, holiday parties, decorating and still maintain your everyday life with work, kids, household chores etc..

Well, here are a few tips:

  1. Don’t try so hard to do everything – because in the end you’ll end up burning out and miss out on all the fun! Everything becomes a duty and not a memorable experience.
  2. When it comes to family – Let go of the past. Until then, can you move on to happier moments!
  3. Give yourself a break – If you’re not good to yourself, you’re not going to be good to anyone else.
  4. Breathe – Especially when out shopping – the stores will become crowded, traffic will be congested and lines will be long, so plan ahead and just breathe. It is the season of joy after all!

Tell us what you do to survive the Holidays?