Ok, so I do this little thing every morning on the Kiss El Paso Facebook page where I make with the funny (but not according to Erika Armendariz!) when I do the 'Today's Weather'.

It's usually something along the lines of today's weather, and I try to poke fun at how danged hot it is.  Well, this afternoon, I was out running errands with my sister, and found out how really, REALLY hot it is!

We were in Albertsons on Yarbrough getting groceries around 2 o'clock.  We were putting them in the trunk when I told my niece to start the car so it could cool off.  She did and then said, "Hey, Titi, it's 107 degrees!"

I was sweating my butt off - if only - and told her there was no way it was 107 degrees.  When we got in the car, this is what we saw...

I thought maybe it was just registering that hot because the car had been parked for a while, but it took a full five minutes before the temp finally went down to about 101.  Craziness!

So now it's your turn!  Show us pics of your car's temperature gauge - can anyone beat 107?