ROMANCE REPORT - KATY PERRY AND JOHN MAYER HAVE PROGRESSED TO 'SLEEPOVERS': It looks like things are progressing rapidly between KATY PERRY and JOHN MAYER. They've reportedly gone from dinner dates to ... dramatic pause ... sleepovers!

That's what loose lips have been telling EOnline. Katy, the source says, has been "laying low at Mayer's hideaway in a gated community in Los Angeles," and yes, EOnline assures us, that includes spending the night! "It's been going on for a while," adds the tattletale.

This past weekend they attended a party at the home of a Hollywood talent agent, and according to a party-goer, quote, "They were really cute.[They] definitely enjoyed each other's company. They almost acted like they've been a couple for a long time. It definitely didn't seem like a new relationship."

NIVEA DUMPS RIHANNA - CEO THINKS SHE'S TOO SKANKY: RIHANNA appeared in several ads for the skincare company Nivea last year, but it appears the company's new CEO won't be asking her to do any more. He apparently thinks she's too skanky for his product line. Okay, he didn't exactly say that, but I get paid to read between the lines and then grossly exaggerate things.

What he actually told a German newspaper was, quote, "Rihanna is a no go. I do not understand how to bring the core brand of Nivea in conjunction with Rihanna. Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability." In response, Rihanna posted a picture of the guy, and wrote, "No caption necessary." Sas! Take that!

UPDATE - HERE'S WHAT MACAULAY CULKIN LOOKS LIKE TODAY: On the heels of the "National Enquirer" cover story that MACAULAY CULKIN will die of a heroin overdose within "six months" if he doesn't get help, London's Daily Mail has posted, quote, "the first pictures of the 31-year-old since he denied claims [that he's]'hooked on heroin.'

Macaulay -- described as "looking pale and nauseous" -- was photographed leaving the Chateau Marmont in L.A. seemingly throwing up. Does he look like someone knocking on death's door to you? (PHOTO 1) (PHOTO 2)

UPDATE - SHERMAN HEMSLEY DIED FROM COMPLICATIONS OF LUNG CANCER: TMZ, citing the El Paso County Medical Examiner, reports that the official cause of death for "Jeffersons" star and El Paso resident Sherman Hemsley was the result of a cancerous mass on his lung. Details, as well as a copy of the post-mortem report, can be found HERE.

ROMANCE REPORT - ASHTON KUTCHER AND MILA KUNIS: Not that we needed any more proof, but ASHTON KUTCHER and MILA KUNIS are soooo doing it. The two were photographed holding hands at the airport in Bali at the end of their vacation together. (PHOTO)

GAGA SHOWS US HER PICS: LADY GAGA posted a picture on her Little Monsters website of herself naked in a pool, kissing her boyfriend, TAYLOR KINNEY. Cochinos! Sin Verguenza.

LIVING LA VIDA LOHAN: Say what you will about LINDSAY LOHAN, but when she feels like making the effort, she can still look pretty hot. Check her out in a cleavage-baring bathing suit at the Beverly Hills Hotel the other day: (PHOTO 1) (PHOTO 2)

MADONNA DOESN'T SEE THE NEED TO REPLY TO ELTON JOHN'S CRITICISM, BUT HER FRIENDS DO: According to the Huffington Post, MADONNA doesn't care what ELTON JOHN thinks about her or has to say about her, but her friends do.

They totally have her back, and are sticking up for her after ELTON JOHN'S recent attack during an interview with an Australian tv show. In the interview, Elton called Madonna a “fairground stripper” (???) and a "[C-word]" and said her tour "has been a disaster."

Huff Po quotes one of her pals as saying, "I honestly do not understand his need to trash the crap out of her over and over again. To say her tour is a disaster is just silly. She is selling out arenas, singing new material and a few classic hits. He will be singing the same old songs until he dies."

CELEBRITY COURT - JENNIFER LOPEZ COUNTER SUES, CLAIMS EXTORTION: JENNIFER LOPEZ is counter suing a former personal driver who claimed he was forced to resign by J.Lo’s manager, Benny Medina. In her counter suit, J.Lo claims Hakob Manoukian wanted to be in charge of her entire security team and wanted more money to do it. When he was denied the gig, he demanded $2.8 million or else he would spill confidential and embarrassing secrets he overheard while driving her. She's seeking damages in excess of $20 mil.