DID A 'DESPERATE' DEMI MOORE MAKE A PLAY FOR ZAC EFRON???!!!: I'm sure you've noticed how DEMI MOORE'S life has been spiraling downward since splitting from husband ASHTON KUTCHER. Everyone seems to agree she was running off the rails before her hospitalization last week. And now, a source is telling 'Us Weekly'  she's been acting all weird and partying like a rock star for months due to some sort of desperation to stay young as she approaches 50. "She's been really down, and she's surrounding herself with young people to make her feel better," say the source.

Making herself feel better apparently includes bizarre and inappropriate behavior ...like allegedly making a play for 24-year-old ZAC EFRON!!! Zac, you see, is good friends with her daughter, RUMER WILLIS. Demi reportedly forced herself into Rumer's social circle and made a beeline for Zac. According to the tab's source,  Moore "calls and texts [Zac] a lot, but he's not interested at all. He thinks she's a creepy cougar."

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - WILL SMITH AND JADA PINKETT LIVING APART:The tabloids have been  insisting for months that WILL SMITH and JADA PINKETT'S marriage is in trouble, although they won't admit they're breaking up. But that isn't stopping the tabs from keeping the rumors going.

The "Star" now says it's gotten to point that Will and Jada are living thousands of miles apart. Will, they say, is living in Philadelphia with 13-year-old JADEN while Jada is in L.A. with 11-year-old WILLOW. Their family insider says "They haven't spent any time as a whole family in months. It's not going to happen anytime soon . . . if ever again." To be fair, Will and Jaden are in Philly, but they're there to do a movie together. So maybe the "move" has nothing at all to do with a broken family and impending divorce? We Report, You Decide!

IN DENIAL - SNOOKIE:SNOOKIE is denying a report in 'Star' magazine that she's pregnant. In fact, she's downright insulted by the story. But not because they claimed she's been fetused. She's angry over insinuations that she's gained weight. "Why are [they] calling me fat? That's so rude!" she said in an interview yesterday.

'Star' claims Snooki's been dropping clues online that she has a little Guido in the oven. Those 'clues' include a January 25th post on her Facebook page in which she wrote, "I feel sick," and a Tweet in which she wrote "Late night craving...yogurt hits the fricken spot!"

BABY PICS: NICOLE KIDMAN and husband KEITH URBAN step out with one year-old Faith ... ALICIA KEYES and 15 month-old Egypt as they prepare to leave the Hawaiian island after a week long vacation ... DREW BARRYMORE introduced her 'baby' to the world yesterday on ELLEN'S show. Oliver is a puppy Drew adopted from an L.A. area rescue league after it was  found in a box outside of East Valley Shelter.

WAS PAULA ABDUL FIRED FOR BEING TOO "SOFT"???:Rumors of PAULA ADBUL'S departure from 'The X Factor' were confirmed yesterday, but why she canned?  Well, according to show insiders, producers and network officials thought she was too "soft" to compete with the other judges.

And although both Paula and SIMON COWELL spoke very kindly of her dismissal yesterday, an unnamed staff member said it was far from friendly behind the scenes. Quote, " I know Simon and Paula say they're still friends, and Simon's claiming he and Paula will again work together, [but it was] anything but amicable and there were a lot of angry words." Adds the source, "There will have to be some time for that [rift] to heal after what went down the past few days."

Word is Simon is trying to woo MARIAH CAREY for the next season of  X Factor, but if hubby NICK CANNON'S words are any indication don't hold your breath. Cannon said on his New York radio show yesterday that he doesn't think it's a good idea. "Why would my wife want to be on a show like that," he said. "For someone who has a legendary career, I don't know why they would."

R.I.P - DON CORNELIUS: DON CORNELIUS, who created and hosted "Soul Train", died yesterday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was 75. Cornelius did not leave a suicide note, but sources say he was battling several health issues and the pain had become pretty intense.

Here's hoping you find love, peace, and soul, Don.