KARDASHIAN KAOS - KIM SAYS SHE  MARRIED 'FOR LOVE': KIM KARDASHIAN broke her silence yesterday and addressed her impending divorce on her blog ...

First and foremost, she wants you to know her 72-day marriage to KRIS HUMPHRIES was NOT a sham, and that she "married for love," adding "I can't believe I even have to defend this. I would not have spent so much time on something just for a TV show!" Personally, I can't believe Kim can't believe we would believe that.

Kim went on to say, "I want a family and babies and a real life so badly that maybe I rushed into something too soon." Oh, and she asked us to RESPECT HER COURAGE in walking away from the marriage. Then, perhaps in an attempt to make up for all the bad publicity, Kim says she plans to "donate the money for all the gifts to the Dream Foundation."

KARDASHIAN KAOS - RANDOMS: Despite Kim's claims (klaims?) we all pretty much seem to believe her marriage to Humphries was a total sham. However, her friends insist Kim really did have feelings for him. At least the ones speaking to the tabloids. "She is truly in love with love," one source tells Us Weekly. "She's always the girl doodling her future husband's name on her notebook. And that's what happened here. She fell for him really hard when she didn't really know him. She got swept up."

2. E!, which airs all the Kardashian reality shows, claimed to be shocked by the divorce announcement but insiders tell the Hollywood Reporter that there were definitely signs the marriage was in trouble during the recent filming of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. In fact, things got so bad between the newlyweds that they shot a scene for the finale in which they decided to "take a break."

3. Family insiders tell TMZ that Kim agonized about filing for divorce, and didn't make her final decision until Sunday night. Sources say she clearly wasn't happy, but waited because she wasn't sure the marriage couldn't be saved.

KARDASHIAN KAOS - KRIS JENNER SWEARS KIM DIDN'T MAKE MILLIONS OFF WEDDING: Kim's mom, KRIS JENNER, wants you to know that you shouldn't be angry over speculation that Kim made millions off the wedding. In fact, Kris would like to inform you that Kim didn't profit at all from the event.

"[She] actually spent millions of dollars on the wedding so it's not something that she thought would ever not be happily ever after," Kris said in an interview with a Phoenix radio station. But in a separate interview with MTV, she did admit that some money was made off the wedding. Quote, "Our network was very generous and filmed the show and obviously gave her a salary, all of us our shooting fees and all that. But it's not like we walked away with millions of dollars jingling in our pockets."

Kris also said she's PROUD of her daughter's "very difficult, grown-up decision" to divorce Humphries after 72 days, but added she wishes Kim had gone to counseling and tried to work things out first.

KARDASHIAN KAOS - WILL KIM KEEP THE RING?: The issue of the 2 million dollar ring wasn't addressed, but TMZ says Kim will get to keep it if she wants to. Under California law, once you say "I do" the ring stays with the recipient. In fact, Kim gets to keep everything thanks to their pre-nup which was written to state that both Kris and Kim walk out with exactly what they came in with.

Just Asking: Just because she *can* keep the ring, do you think she *should*? What do you think she should do with it?

'DANCING' UPDATE - ARQUETTE SENT PACKING: DAVID ARQUETTE was sent home on last night's "Dancing With the Stars". Boos erupted from the audience after TOM BERGERON announced the results. Arquette said, "This whole thing has been incredible," and joked that the results might be wrong because "this is my show," a nod to dancer Maks Chmerkovskiy's recent blowup with judge Len Goodman.


LINDSAY LOHAN MAKES ANOTHER COURT APPEARANCE TODAY - D.A. WANTS HER JAILED: Los Angeles prosecutors aren't buying LINDSAY LOHAN'S assertion that she's turned over a new leaf, and are expected to ask a judge to toss her in the clink at a hearing later today. Radar Online reports that the district attorney and city attorney will ask Judge Stephanie Sautner to sentence LiLo to 90 days behind bars for multiple probation violations. A source tells the site, "Lindsay's lawyer will argue that she is in full compliance with all terms of her probation, and she shouldn't be sent to jail at all."

Meanwhile ... TMZ is reporting that Lindsay had hoped to get some help from the folks at the morgue, where she's currently doing her community service. Lindsay, they claim, begged a supervisor at the LA County Coroner's Office to write her a letter of recommendation based on the work she's been doing, but she got shot down.

BABY POOP: HUGH GRANT has become a dad for the first time, according to Us magazine, which hasn't revealed the name of the baby or the baby-momma!

According to his rep,"[Hugh]and the mother had a fleeting affair and while this was not planned, Hugh could not be happier or more supportive. He and the mother have discussed everything and are on very friendly terms.” Although the identity of the mother has not been identified, back in April Hugh was romantically linked to Chinese actress Tinglan Hong.

SCAR-JO NO PRUDE ABOUT GOING NUDE: Remember that SCARLETT JOHANNSON nude photo scandal? Turns out they were meant for her then husband RYAN REYNOLDS. But Scarlett, who managed to get federal authorities involved when they were leaked on the web, doesn't think posing for naked pics is a federal case.

She tells Vanity Fair that she has no regrets about taking the snaps, saying, "Those were from three years ago. They were sent to my husband, there's nothing wrong with that. It's not like I was shooting a porno, though there's nothing wrong with that either."

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - ZOOEY DESCHANEL AND HUBBY SEPARATE: "The New Girl" star ZOOEY DESCHANEL has separated from her husband of two-years, Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard. "It was mutual and amicable," a source told Us Weekly. "There was no third party involved." The couple has been married for a little over two years.

ROMANCE REPORT - RICHARDS AND RICHIE DATING AGAIN: DENISE RICHARDS has supposedly gone back to one of her exes, but it's not CHARLIE SHEEN. Radar Online reports that Denise has reunited with Bon Jovi guitarist RICHIE SAMBORA, who she dated in 2006 following her divorce from Sheen, and his divorce from her former BFF, HEATHER LOCKLEAR.  The couple was spotted Sunday night sharing a romantic dinner at a sushi restaurant in California. “They are dating again,” a source revealed. "It is serious but they are trying to keep it low key.”

REESE'S BAG UPSETS PETA: REESE WITHERSPOON is the latest celebrity to come under fire from PETA. They're p.o'ed with her for carrying a $4,000 Chloe Paraty python skin purse. "No matter how much Reese paid for that bag, the animal paid a much higher price," said PETA in a statement. Hit up this link if you want to see what a 4 thousand dollar hand bag looks like.

BABY POOP - JUSTIN BIEBER FACING PATERNITY LAWSUIT: WTW??? The Biebs is having a baby???. Not according to Justin's peeps. As MICHAEL JACKSON once famously sang, "The kid is not my son". Hit up POPCRUSH for the deets.