ROMANCE REPORT - BRITNEY'S BOYFRIEND TO PROPOSE TONIGHT: TMZ is reporting that "multiple sources who are definitely in the know" say BRITNEY SPEARS' boyfriend plans to pop the question tonight in Las Vegas, y'all!!!

Word is Jason Trawick asked Brit's dad for permission to marry his daughter and was given the stamp of approval. But because of Britney's conservatorship, it still has to go before the judge. However, those in the know believe the judge will give his approval as well.  According to TMZ,  Britney knows she's getting proposed to tonight and she couldn't be more thrilled.

On a related note … check out the $45,000 motorcycle Britney bought Jason for his 40th birthday yesterday. If dropping 40 grand wasn’t enough, she also gifted him with a $940 leather jacket. Heck, I’d want to make her my wife too!!!

MARIAH TOO X-PENSIVE FOR X-FACTOR: Is MARIAH CAREY too much of a diva for SIMON COWELL? Mimi was supposedly set to join JUSTIN BIEBER for a duet of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” last night on X-Factor, but her demands were just too expensive.

Between stage set-up, hired dancers and backstage help, Mariah would have cost the show a reported extra $300,000, so the duet was axed.

KRIS' KARDASHIAN KASH-IN: KRIS HUMPHRIES' paycheck is rolling in again now that the NBA lockout is over, but he still wants some extra cash from the folks behind that long-wrapped reality show he did with then-wife Kim Kardashian.

The not-always-reliable "Star" tabloid says reports that Kris is threatening to sue the E! network unless they immediately hike his salary from $28,000 an episode to an even 50 grand.  So what could Kris sue E! for? Emotional distress, of course. Kim has a lot of editorial control over the show. Kris has NONE. And he feels that Kim and the network are making it look like he's the villain and she's the victim.

A friend of Humphries says, "He was nothing more than a disposable groom, used for ratings [and] it's his storyline that is making the show a success this season. He feels he deserves some type of compensation."

WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE???: Who’s the celebrity who shared a see-through rear-view thanks to thin, tight, stretchy pants and the glare of the LA sun coupled with the paparazzi’s flashbulbs?

Hint: the ABC star is known for her Colombian accent and ample cleavage. Scroll down to the "bottom" for the answer!

WATCH - MATT DAMON AS SANTA TRYING TO CONVINCE KIDS A WATER BOTTLE IS BETTER THAN A PRESENT: This is actually a pretty funny promotional video for a nonprofit. MATT DAMON dresses up as Santa Claus and tries to convince little kids to ask for a reusable water bottle for Christmas. Obviously, they're not into the idea …


IN DENIAL - KATY PERRY: KATY PERRY showed up at a promotional event Wednesday in her usual tight attire, re-igniting chatter that she’s been fetused by husband RUSSELL BRAND.

While she admits there’s a bit of a paunch there, Katy is once again denying it’s because something is growing inside her. On the BARBARA WALTERS special the other night, she blamed it on junk food, specifically calling out Taco Bell.

I don't think they prove anything other than she does seem to be chubbing up, but We Report, You Decide.

X-FACTOR NICOLE SCHERZINGER HELD AT GUNPOINT IN MEXICO: Even celebrities are not immune to the violence in Mexico. NICOLE SCHERZINGER was held at gunpoint during her recent trip to Mexico.

The singer and X Factor judge was in Mexico to shoot the video for her new song, and as she was traveling to the set, she and her choreographer were pulled over by mysterious gunmen said to be wielding big, scary machine guns! Nicole was on ‘X-Factor’ last night, so obviously the pair managed to escape unharmed.

MICHAEL BUBLE TREATS 'LIVE' TRIVIA LOSER TO VACATION: MICHAEL BUBLE was obviously feeling the Christmas spirit yesterday. Buble was the guest host Wednesday on “Live! With Kelly” and showed viewers a glimpse of his generous side.

Every day on the show, there is a trivia question asked to a viewer. If the viewer gives the right answer, they win an all inclusive vacation. Sandra Salins from Florida was yesterday's "Travel Trivia" contestant playing for a trip to Antigua.

When she was asked to guess how old actor Jude Law would be on his upcoming birthday on December 29, she gave the incorrect answer of 31. But Buble pretended not to hear the number and responded, "Didn't she say 39? I heard 39. I heard 39 years old." After finding out that Salins would only get a small consolation prize for getting the trivia question wrong, Buble decided to foot the bill for the whole vacation! He told Salins, "Screw that! OK, listen. I know you lost but I had a good year this year - I'm paying for your trip... It's on me, kiddo!"

WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE???: So who’s the ABC star with the see-through rear-view? It's "Modern Family" star SOFIA VERGARA!!!