WHITNEY HOUSTON LAID TO REST: WHITNEY HOUSTON was buried yesterday in Westfield, New Jersey, next to her father, who passed away in 2003. Unlike Houston’s three-hour funeral which was aired on CNN and streamed online for fans, the burial was a private, family-only ceremony.

Here's video of the end of Whitney's funeral. It's pretty heartbreaking watching her casket being rolled down the aisle while "I Will Always Love You" plays ...

BOBBY BROWN LEAVES WHITNEY'S FUNERAL - CLAIMS HE WAS HARASSED: Saturday’s funeral was not without its drama. BOBBY BROWN attended, but only briefly. He left before it even started claiming security was harassing him.

In a statement issued later that day, Bobby said, quote,"We were seated by security and then subsequently asked to move on three separate occasions. I fail to understand why security treated my family this way and continued to ask us and no one else to move." He added, "In light of the events, I gave a kiss to the casket of my ex-wife and departed as I refused to create a scene."

TMZ says that Bobby is leaving out one important detail: Whitney's family invited Bobby and TWO guests, but he showed up at the church with NINE and got mad when he was told they couldn't seat all of them.

DID WHITNEY'S DAUGHTER, BOBBI, RUN OFF TO DO DRUGS AFTER THE FUNERAL???: According to the news website The Daily Beast, daughter Bobbi Kristina added to the drama when she couldn't be found for hours. After Whitney’s funeral on Saturday, Bobbi “disappeared,” and was found “using drugs,” early Sunday morning, just before the family left for Whitney’s burial.

According to a source, "It was so much commotion and activity after the funeral that Bobbi Kristina just slipped away." Although a family spokesperson denies Bobbi was found doing drugs, he did confirm she took off for a couple of hours, adding, quote, "She needed some time alone. She is going through a very hard time as you can expect."

There's talk on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Gossip that Whitney's family wants to get Bobbi into rehab ASAP so she doesn't end up like her mom. Word is Bobbi has struggled with substance abuse issues for the last three or four years and the family wants her to seek out professional help at a 60-day live-in treatment facility before her problems get worse.

IN DENIAL - ADELE SAYS THERE'S NO SEX TAPE: It didn't take long for ADELE to deny claims by the French magazine Public that the photos it published were taken from a sex tape featuring the the six-time 2012 Grammy Award winner. In a statement released over the weekend, Adele's lawyers called the allegations "untrue and grossly defamatory [and] 100% false" and are threatening to go after the French magazine that started the story.

ADELE VINDICATED: Today a French website revealed that the images in the video the magazine published as being still shots from an Adele sex tape are actually from a video posted on a French porn site about ten months ago. Among the comments posted about the video was one by a viewer who was amused by the resemblance of the girl in the video to Adele.

BABY PICS AND BABY BUMPS: JENNIFER GARNER headed out to karate class with daughters Violet and Seraphina in Brentwood yesterday ...

KRISTIN DAVIS with a 6 months old and growing Gemma Rose ... JESSICA ALBA spent some quality time with daughters Honor Marie and Haven, in Beverly Hills yesterday ... JESSICA SIMPSON looked rather uncomfortable as she waddled her way to an upscale baby boutique in Los Angeles ...