UPDATE - WHITNEY HOUSTON DEATH TO BE RULED ACCIDENTAL: Based on information from, quote, "a source with knowledge of the ongoing investigation," E! News is saying that WHITNEY HOUSTON'S death will be ruled an accident. That's pretty much what everyone has assumed since Houston was found dead in her hotel bathroom on February 11th.

Though the cause of death has been listed as "deferred" pending toxicology test results, "nothing suspicious" has been turned up regarding Houston's physicians, or any other persons of interest related to the case.  The source adds that "[Whitney] was the furthest thing from trying to kill herself" and that the toxicology screening report may be handed in as soon as next week.

Meanwhile ... BOBBY BROWN'S sister Leolah spoke with "Access Hollywood" yesterday and said she doesn't think it was an accident.  She says her attorney told her not to talk about it, but she wants people to know "[Whitney] did not just pass away like that," although she doesn't know exactly what happened. Leolah added, "If it's the last thing that I do, I'm going to find out what truly happened to my sister."


WATCH - STEVEN TYLER MAKES FUN OF JLO'S ALLEGED OSCARS NIP SLIP: Leave it to STEVEN TYLER to bring up JENNIFER LOPEZ' alleged Oscars night nip-slip on "American Idol" last night. “Who am I?” Tyler said, as he fake-sneezed and ripped open his shirt to reveal his his moobs. “That was an Oscar reenactment, ladies and gentlemen,” quipped RYAN SEACREST, in case someone watching had been living under a rock the last 3 days. Lopez rolled good naturedly with the ribbing, insisting, quote, "There was no nipple!"

ANGELINA'S INFAMOUS RIGHT LEG POSE WAS COPIED FROM JENNIFER ANISTON - THE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE!!!: It seems ANGELINA JOLIE and JENNIFER ANISTON have more in common than BRAD PITT ... They've both flashed a lot of leg on the red carpet. That's Jen on the left at the Golden Globes in January 2010, and Angelina's very similar ensemble and stance at Sunday's Oscars ...Angelina: Copycatting or Coincidence? We Report, You Decide!


COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP - CHRIS BROWN WILL BE CHARGED WITH ROBBERY: According to the rarely-reliable Media Take Out gossip site, formal charges will be filed this week against CHRIS BROWN by the Florida State attorney.

The site claims "a person with IMPECCABLE CREDENTIALS" told them Brown will be asked to turn himself in to Miami police and charged with a "snatch and grab robbery." If Chris is convicted, he faces up to 5 years in a Florida prison. Conviction or not, the probation he recieved from the state of California for beating RIHANNA would likely be revoked as well.

UPDATE - JEWELER SAYS NATALIE PORTMAN *IS* MARRIED: NATALIE PORTMAN and her baby-daddy Benjamin Millepied showed up at the Oscars wearing what LOOKED like wedding rings. Yesterday, Natalie's jeweler told 'Us Weekly' they ARE wedding rings. There's no word where or when they tied the noose the knot, nor have Portman or her people confirmed THE BIG MISTAKE was made.

BABY POOP: BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER finally have a baby boy! There's no word on the kid's name, though.

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - ARE MINKA KELLY AND 'FEZ' HOOKING UP???: Although there were rumors that MINKA KELLY had reunited with New York Yankee DEREK JETER, it looks as though she may be playing the field instead.

According to the ‘New York Daily News’, Minka was spotted getting cozy with WILMER VALDERRAMA Saturday night at in Hollywood. Witnesses say the artist formally known as ‘Fez’ was in da club when Minka arrived, and made it a point to come out and escort her inside. The paper's source adds they were careful not to appear affectionate once inside the club, but according to a “friend” of Wilmer’s, Minka and the Wilmer, are into each other and “getting to know each other” right now.