IS ED SHEERAN TAYLOR SWIFT'S LATEST LOVE INTEREST?!: It's been a few weeks since TAYLOR SWIFT and boy bander HARRY STYLES broke up so it's time the gossip mongers linked her to a new man. Enter singer/songwriter ED SHEERAN.


According to E!, he and Swift spent the night before the 2013 Brit Awards locked up in her hotel room. They quote a source who said Ed arrived at her hotel and “stayed in her room, just the two of them, until around 4 am.”

The witness adds that when he left he looked “very happy.” Adds another insider, “She thinks he is really cute and they have great chemistry together.” Noooo! Run, Ed, run! You should know she's trouble, trouble, trouble!

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP - JENNIFER LAWRENCE: The newly brunette JENNIFER LAWRENCE is in Hawaii doing re-shoots for the sequel "Catching Fire" and was caught sans makeup by the ever prying paparrazzo cameras. (PHOTO)

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jennifer was also caught smoking a doobie on her hotel balcony. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) I guess we know now why she's hungry all the time! Hi-Yo! That's right, "Hunger Games" humor, I went there!

LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY REJECTS PLEA DEAL: Looks like LINDSAY LOHAN is taking her chances in court. Los Angeles prosecutors had a telephone meeting with Lindsay’s lawyer Mark Heller to discuss a plea deal in her lying-to-the-cops case, but no deal was made. Sources say prosecutors insisted that any agreement include a significant amount of time in a residential rehab facility, but Heller turned them down.

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TMZ claims prosecutors initially demanded LiLo spend 60 days in rehab, then decreased it to 30, and although Heller thought the deal was a good one, Lindsay didn't. She’s reportedly been telling friends she won’t accept, quote, “punishment for something I didn’t do.” If they can’t reach a deal, Lindsay’s case will go to trial March 18th.

HOLLYWOOD KIDS: TINA FEY and her kids at the pool. Note the retro bathing suit she rocked. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

JENNIFER GARNER picks Violet up from school while carrying Samuel on her hip. (PHOTO)

CHARLIZE THERON hits up Whole Foods with son Jackson. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

GIULIANA RANCIC - HUBBY BEFORE BABY: Wanna know the secret to a happy marriage? Choose marriage over motherhood. That somewhat controversial  stance seems to be working for GIULIANA RANCIC and husband Bill. In fact, Giuliana says she and Bill make it a point to put their marriage above their son, Duke.

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“A lot of people, when they have kids, they put the baby first, and the marriage second,” she told Us Weekly. “That works for some people. For us, I find, we put our marriage first and our child second, because the best thing we can do for him is have a strong marriage."


Hubby before baby? Marriage before motherhood? Here's what Mike and Tricia Facebook Fans think about her unconventional stance.