WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE - DID LINDSAY LOHAN LITTLE SISTER GET HER FACE DONE???: OMG, what happened to LINDSAY LOHAN'S little sister???!!! Did the 17 year old get her face rearranged by a plastic surgeon? Cuz it sure looks that way from some paparazzi pics that hit the 'net yesterday.

ALI, who recently signed a deal with Next Model Management, was photographed in Los Angeles looking drastically different than she did back in March. Her face is gaunt and she looks like a totally different person. Rumors are rampant that she either had plastic surgery or has simply lost too much weight.

“It’s scary to see my daughter looking like this,” her father Michael Lohan told RadarOnline.com. “Ali was always on the thin side but seeing how much weight she’s lost there appears to be a drastic change that concerns me.”

Check out this side-by-side comparison of Ali. The one on the left is from 2009, the right pic was taken yesterday  ...

There's quite a difference, huh? But is it surgical or emotional? We report, You decide.

NICOLE RICHIE vs. JESSICA SIMPSON - WHO YOU GOT???: Word is there's tension and mutual dislike between JESSICA SIMPSON and NICOLE RICHIE on the set of the upcoming reality show, "Fashion Star."

Sources say the two - whose role is to mentor contestants on the show - are not seeing eye-to-eye, and that there's "definite friction." One insider claims, "They chat only when they need to, and they have wildly different opinions about style." Seems Nicole "thinks Jessica doesn't have much of a high-fashion eye" and "makes snarky comments about Jessica's outfits" while Jessica "really doesn't care what Nicole thinks."

JESSICA SIMPSON SHOWS US HER TWEETS - NOT GETTING BOOBIES REDUCED: That story from "In Touch" magazine about JESSICA SIMPSON wanting to get a breast reduction so she wouldn't look so top heavy for her wedding is a complete load. Thank God!!! Jessica took to Twitter yesterday to shoot reports down.


ROMANCE REPORT - IS LADY GAGA DATING A WEREWOLF???!!!: LADY GAGA is reportedly dating TAYLOR KINNEY, who guy who played the werewolf Mason Lockwood on "The Vampire Diaries".

He's also in Gaga's "You and I" video, which is where they met. A source says, quote, "It was just casual at first, but things are getting pretty hot and heavy."

REESE WITHERSPOON HIT BY CAR WHILE JOGGING: REESE WITHERSPOON was taken to the hospital yesterday after being hit by a car while out jogging. TMZ says the driver, an 84-year-old woman, was cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian and released. As for Reese, her injuries are said to be minor, and she's already resting at home.

TAYLOR SWIFT'S 'PUNK'D' PREMIERE GOES UP IN FLAMES: Perhaps you've heard that the TV show "Punk'd" has been given new life. This go-round,though, JUSTIN BIEBER will be your host. And the first victim of the revived show was TAYLOR SWIFT.

The Hollywood Life gossip site is reporting that the Bieb called Taylor and invited her over to his house to help him write a song for her good friend and his girlfriend, SELENA GOMEZ. Once at Justin's, he suggested the two go out to his backyard and shoot off some fireworks. Well, one of Taylor's explosives was made to look like it hit a boat just off-shore and set it on fire.

Actors dressed in wedding attire then started jumping over board to escape the flames. They swam to shore and immediately began accusing Taylor of ruining their wedding. A source said, "Taylor didn't start crying but was very freaked out." No air date has yet been announced for the season premiere of Punk'd featuring Taylor.

ROMANCE REPORT - GEORGE AND STACY REPORTEDLY STILL DATING: Even though they haven't been spotted together recently, sources say that GEORGE CLOONEY and STACY KEIBLER are still dating.

There was speculation the romance might have fizzled out already after Stacey was absent for Clooney's red carpet appearances in Venice and Telluride, but insiders told "People" magazine that they're still going strong.  

BABY POOP - MEL B’S BABY HAS A NAME: Radaronline reports that Spice Girl Melanie Brown and hubby Stephen Belafonte have named their new daughter, and thank the Lord it's not one of those weird, trendy names. The Brown-Belafonte's have gone with Madison Brown Belafonte.