THIS JUST IN!!! MADONNA HATES HYDRANGEAS: At the beginning of the recent Venice Film Festival press conference for Madonna's movie "W.E.", Madge was handed a hydrangea by a fan.

Madonna smiled sweetly, set them down, then turned to the person sitting next to her and whispered "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas" ...

WHO DAT??? ... Who's the celebrity mom caught sportin' the "whale tail" as she bent over to tend to one of her kids over the holiday weekend? Scroll down to the "bottom" for the answer!

SHOWBIZ PHOTO LINKS - CELEBRITIES ENJOYING THEIR WEEKEND: NICOLE RICHIE and daughter Harlow at a chili cook off in Malibu ... PINK, Carey Hart and daughter Willow at the same cook off.

JESSICA ALBA, husband Cash, and daughter Honor Warren lunching in Beverly Hills ... KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN and son Mason leaving a restaurant in New York City.

ANGELINA JOLIE, Shiloh, Zaraha and Vivienne catch a movie in Richmond. Yes, that's Shiloh sucking her thumb.

SNAP SHOT: CHARLIE SHEEN, ex-wife BROOKE MUELLER and their sons Bob and Max celebrated Sheen's 46th birthday over dinner Saturday night ...

'HOW I MET YOUR MOM' ALYSON HANNIGAN SHOWS US HER TWEETS: ALYSON HANNIGAN was photographed over the weekend looking ... how should I say ... a little more substantial  than usual around her midsection. Naturally, the World Wide Web of Celebrity Speculation wondered if perhaps she was pregnant.

Well, Alyson took to Twitter on Sunday to deny it:  "NO, I'm not pregnant! I just ate too much carnival food, that time of the month, hurt my back & couldn't suck my gut in, & need 2 do cardio!" Then she added, quote, "And I'm NEVER gonna wear that shirt again!!!"


BELLAMY BROTHERS TO BRITNEY - 'SORRY': The old-school country music duo THE BELLAMY BROTHERS have apologized to BRITNEY SPEARS for claiming that her song "Hold It Against Me" ripped off their 1979 song, "If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me".

The  songwriters sued the Bellamy's for defamation, and now the whole thing has been settled with their apology. The case was dismissed, and no money changed hands.

KARDASHIAN KNEWS: You'll soon be able to get married in KIM KARDASHIAN'S wedding dress -- well, sort of -- a replica, anyway. David's Bridal will be selling two of the star's three Vera Wang gowns next year at about $1600 each.

Meanwhile ... As expected, Kim's ex, RAY-J, has staked his claim for a piece of whatever their sex tape sells for. If you recall, an Tennessee lawyer approached the company who owns the vid last week about the possiblilty of buying the tape back, supposedly to get if off the Internet once and for all. Ray's lawyer sent a letter to Vivid Entertainment reminding them that Ray is part owner of the video, and if any deal is made without his input or approval, he will, quote, "file a motion with the courts [to see that his] rights are protected." In other words, he wants his share should the tape ever sell.

ROMANCE REPORT - JAKE AND RASHIDA???!!!: Romance rumors are spinning uncontrolably today after JAKE GYLLENHAAL and RASHIDA JONES were spotted lunching together in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The fact that they were joined by three other friends didn't slow down talk of Jake and "The Office" star being out on the 'date.'

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "[The backlash has] made me realize I'm really glad I'm doing this, because America really needs to see this." -- CHAZ BONO responding to the criticism about him being on "Dancing with the Stars".

He adds,"It just kind of shows why for me it's important to be on the show, because so little still is known about what it means to be transgender. And there's so many just completely inaccurate stereotypes and thoughts that people have."

BABY POOP: Former SPICE GIRL MEL B. had a baby girl on Thursday night. This is the first child for Mel and husband Stephen Belafonte together, although Mel already has two kids and Belafonte one from previous relationships.

Mel tweeted the news: "Finally our baby arrives. Stephen nearly passed out, Phoenix screamed, I laughed so hard the baby popped out!!!" (--Phoenix is Mel's 12 year old daughter.)

WHO DAT??? So who was the celebrity mom photographed rockin' the "whale tail" over the weekend???