BRITNEY WALKS OFF DURING X FACTOR CONTESTANT’S 'TRIBUTE': Apparently, being a man partially dressed as a woman singing a BRITNEY SPEARS song during an audition on 'The X Factor' is not going to go over very well with Spears or her fellow judges.

On Monday in Greensboro, NC, a guy found out the hard way when his rendition of “(You Drive Me) Crazy” seemed to do just that to Spears – drive her crazy. While the dude was doing his thing, Spears walked off the set, followed by fellow judges L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato. Brit returned to the judges table a bit later and  politely told the contestant, “I really respect the tribute. It was really nice.”

Here's a fan-shot video of the incident ...

MAZEL TOV! - SOFIA VERGARA GETS ENGAGED: SOFIA VERGARA and her boyfriend Nick Loeb are engaged. Sofia , who turned a Super-sexy 40 yesterday -- has been dating Loeb since 2010, although they broke up for a few weeks in May.

According to the New York Daily News' Page Six gossip section, on the eve of Sofia's bday, Loeb got down on bended knee in front of some Mayan pyramids in Yucatán and asked her to marry him. Friends, family, and the whole cast of 'Modern Family' were there to witness Sofia coming thisclose to being an old unmarried 40 year-old hag. In fact, co-star Jesse Tyler posted this pic of himself "jumping for Sofia!" on his Instagram account ...

You can kinda-sorta-but-not-really see her engagement ring in the photo a friend of hers Tweeted out Monday of Sofia celebrating her 40th birthday with friends in Mexico ...

SNAPSHOT: LADY GAGA flipped a double bird to the paparazzi at LAX the other day. And to make it even MORE awesome, she was wearing a thong with fishnet stockings over it. HERE'S the one-finger salute pic, and HERE'S the fishnet-thong photo. Awaka Waka!!!

RIHANNA SHUTS DOWN LONDON RESTAURANT FOR A DAY: RIHANNA ordered so much food from a London restaurant the other day they had to close their doors for the day. According to The UK Daily Star, RiRi ordered $11,000 worth of food from a Portuguese restaurant this past weekend. And not just because she loves her the blunts either. Girl had to feed her 90 person entourage.

Rihanna -- who was in town performing at the Wireless Festival -- got the munchies and busted out the bucks. According to a backstage source, "ordered every item from the restaurant and asked for it to be delivered to her private backstage area. The restaurant had to shut their doors for the remainder of the day as they had no stock left."


BABY POOP: DREW BARRYMORE's baby bump is getting really big. She hasn't publicly admitted she's pregnant so it's either that or she's really let herself go! HERE'S THE PIC. We Report, You Decide.

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "He is fearless in his choices and has a real eye for design. And I'll be honest: He has better taste than I do." -- JESSICA BIEL to InStyle Magazine about fiancee JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Jessica adds that when she gets dressed in the morning, she presents herself to Justin for his approval. And often he shakes his head no and helps her pick a more appropriate outfit.