WATCH BEYONCÉ'S HAIR MISHAP: BEYONCÉ suffered a mishap on stage last night, but it wasn't the usual wardrobe kind. Oh, no. Instead, Bey got her hair tangled up in a stage fan.

Queen B was in the middle of "Halo" when she sat down in front of the fan, which quickly snatched up her hair! But Beyonce didn't miss a beat. She recovered so quickly, you couldn't even tell she was lip-synching. Eventually, one of the stage hands took a pair of scissors and set her free.

Beyonce posted a rambling, nonsensical note after the show explaining what went down ...


KATE MIDDLETON GIVES BIRTH TO BABY BOY: I don't know if you heard about this because it didn't get much publicity, but Britain's royal baby arrived yesterday  -- and it's a boy. As for KATE MIDDLETON'S royal birth canal, well let's just say my condolences to William. The future king busted out the natural way.  No C-section. He was 8 pounds, 6 ounces They haven't released the baby's name yet, but oddsmakers are betting on James.

CELEBS REACT TO ROYAL BABY: Not surprisingly, every celebrity with a Twitter account thinks you want to hear their witty take on the birth. Here are a few of the least-boring ones . . .

BABY BOOM: Kate Middleton wasn't the only woman in the public eye to welcome a new addition to the family. PENELOPE CRUZ and HILLARY SCOTT of LADY ANTEBELLUM both gave birth to daughters on the same day the royal baby arrived. A representative for Cruz and hubby JAVIER BARDEM confirmed the baby's birth to Hello! magazine but no other details were shared.
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

On the other hand, Hillary herself shared the news of her daughter's birth with the world, tweeting out a photo of the baby's footprints and the caption, "She's here, and we are in heaven! Eisele Kaye, our beautiful angel, Happy Birthday!" (It's pronounced "Eyes-lee")


According to, the baby's first name was her mother-in-law's maiden name, and Kaye is her mom's middle name.

R.I.P - DENNIS FARINA: Former "Law and Order" cast member DENNIS FARINA died Monday at age 69 after suffering a blood clot in his lung. Farina, who replaced Jerry Orbach on the crime show when he passed away in 2004, most recently guest-starred on a January episode of "New Girl." He's survived by three children and his partner Marianne Cahill, who he stayed with for 35 years but never married.

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COVER SHOT - LADY GAGA: LADY GAGA goes fully nude in the new issue of "V" magazine, using just her hands to cover her naughty bits.

Here’s the pic without the pesky “V” logo. What do you think, super-hot or oh, so not? (PHOTO)

Despite being sidelined for several months due to hip surgery ... Gaga still took the top spot on the annual list of the Highest-Earning Celebrities under 30. Her Little Monsters helped her make $80 MILLION over the past year. JUSTIN BIEBER came in second with $58 million, and TAYLOR SWIFT third with $55 million.

KELLY OSBOURNE SHOWS US HER (ENGAGEMENT RING) PIC: Newly engaged KELLY OSBOURNE posted a photo of her "new manicure" but me thinks it was just a clever way of showing off her giant sparkler …


And apparently, the Prince of Freaking Darkness got his nails did too. Kelly tweeted this second photo of her and Ozzy’s nail art. (PHOTO)

ROMANCE REPORT – MILEY’S ‘RENTS RECONCILE: BILLY RAY and Tish Cyrus are putting the brakes on their break-up. Miley’s parents, who filed for divorce in June, have decided to stay together.

In a statement the couple said, “We both woke up and realized we love each other and decided we want to stay together. We both went into couples therapy something we haven't done in 22 years of being together, and it's brought us closer together and really opened up our communication in amazing ways.” Over the weekend, Tish posted this photo with the caption “Date night.”