BEYONCE'S HALFTIME NIP SLIP - WAS THERE ONE?: Wait, what?! I missed a BEYONCÉ nip-slip? I couldn't have been that bored by her performance, could I?

The word on the street is Bey's Super Bowl Halftime performance included an unwanted flash of flesh, but despite hours of my time spent combing through slow-motion clips of her breasts bouncing freely inside her loose and revealing top, I am sorry to report there is no clear evidence that any one of her nipples popped out like Punxsutawney Phil about to make his Groundhog Day prediction.

Although there was plenty of side boobage and lots of fierce back arching, the alleged "nip-slip" in my humble opinion is just a pasty doing its job. Or is it? We Report, You Decide!

DON'T BLAME BEY FOR SUPER BOWL BLACKOUT: Many, including CBS NFL analyst Boomer Esiason, believe Beyonce's big Super Bowl production was responsible for the power going out in the Superdome, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says that ain't so. Goodell told reporters yesterday, quote, "there's no indication at all that this was caused by [Beyonce's] halftime show," adding that The Superdome used a separate generator for the performance. Investigators are still trying to pinpoint the exact cause of the blackout.

Despite what the commish had to say, Esiason believes Beyonce was responsible for the power outage. "Five or six minutes prior to I guess the breaker going...I took my headset off and there was this like electrical buzz sound coming from the ceiling," he told his radio audience Monday morning. "This was after halftime, it was after Beyonce." Boomer added that he was told Bey blew the electricity twice during her Superdome rehearsals.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE CALLS BRITNEY A 'BITCH': JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE caused a minor stir over the weekend when he took the stage in New Orleans at his DirecTV Super Bowl-eve concert.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Before JT launched into "Cry Me a River," which is allegedly about his breakup with BRITNEY SPEARS, he said, "Sometimes in life, you think you found the one. But then one day you find out that she is just some bitch." Justin later said he didn't mean to insult his former lovah, insisting he was quoting from Brit’s song “Gimme More,” in which she says “I’m Britney, bitch.”

Speaking of Spears ... We heard Caesar's Palace isn't interested in her doing a residency there, but that doesn't mean other casinos don't want her. Using her dog’s name, Britney hit up Twitter to tease the possibility of a Las Vegas deal. Brit's pet Hannah tweeted, “Mommy, are dogs allowed to gamble in Vegas? Gonna cash all my bones in for chips.” Spears responded in a separate tweet using her own name, writing, “I don’t think so honey.”


JOHN TRAVOLTA DENIED ARBITRATION - SEXUAL ASSAULT SUIT COULD GO TO TRAIL: JOHN TRAVOLTA is one step closer to going to court -- and perhaps being outed. A judge has denied his motion to go to arbitration in that sexual-assault lawsuit a male cruise ship employee has filed against him. According to TMZ, this means unless he truly wants to go to court, Travolta and his accuser will have to reach a settlement.

Fabian Zanzi claims that while Travolta was a passenger on the ship in 2009, he requested a massage. However, the actor quickly slipped out of his robe to show off his “little Travolta.” Travolta has acknowledges taking the cruise, but not cruising for gay sex.

Despite his 20 year marriage to KELLY PRESTON,  John has been haunted by repeated allegations of getting frisky with massage therapists. His lawyers call the suit  "ludicrous."

SHAKIRA SHOWS US HER (BABY) PICS: SHAKIRA took to her official Facebook page to introduce the world to her new son Milan. Shak posted a pic of the two-week-old with his Barcelona soccer stud daddy, Gerard Piqué ...


ON THE RED CARPET - BRUCE WILLIS: 57 year-old BRUCE WILLIS made out with a girl young enough to be his daughter on the red carpet at the premiere of his new "Die Hard" movie. It's his 34 year-old wife, so it's all good. Creepy and all, but good.

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