ROMANCE REPORT - SCARLETT JOHANSSON AND BRADLEY COOPER: A week after having what some described as a romantic dinner with JENNIFER LOPEZ, "Life & Style" has "exclusively learned" that BRADLEY COOPER was spotted "cozied up" with SCARLETT JOHANSSON!!!

Scarlett, Bradley, and a small group of friends were at an NYC hot spot at around 2 a.m on September 16th, and according to an eyewitness, "[Bradley and Scarlett] were hand in hand and more than flirty by the end of the night!" Contrary to the tab's sources, Scarlett's rep insists the two are "just friends and have been for years." Ain't he ever heard of friends with benefits??!!

SNAP SHOT: SCARLETT JOHANSSON showed the paparazzi how she's feeling about them these days ...


WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE - SIMON COWELL: Has SIMON COWELL done something to his face to make himself look younger? The British press sure thinks so. Here's a side-by-side. We Report, You Decide ...

Maybe his new show should be called The Botox Factor! Hi-Yo!!!

CHARLIE, ASHTON BOTH MAKE RATINGS HISTORY: CHARLIE SHEEN'S roast and ASHTON KUTCHER'S "Two and a Half Men" debut both saw record ratings Monday night. 'Men' earned its most-watched episode ever with 28.7 million viewers. Even Charlie watched! He tweeted this photo of himself and a group of friends checking out his former show ...

As for his reaction, Sheen called it "odd…but cool. So far a lot of laughs." Meanwhile, Charlie gave Comedy Central its most-watched roast ever with 6.4 million viewers.

LISTEN: Mike & Tricia's Vault of Comedy - Charlie Sheen Recaps the Premiere of 'Two and a Half Men'

'DANCING' UPDATE: Goodbye World Peace. On last night's Dancing With the Stars, Ron Artest, a.k.a. Metta World Peace, was the first star to get eliminated. CNN's Nancy Grace and Rob Kardashian joined him in the bottom three.

You know what that means, right? It means CHAZ BONO will dance for you again, America!!! In celebration, I present you with the raw sexuality of Chaz ... shirtless!!!

SHOW BIZ PHOTO LINKS: JOHN TRAVOLTA is very bald ... Is JENNIFER ANISTON morphing into new boyfriend? Check out this matchy-matchy moment .. Meet LADY GAGA's more conservative little sister ... MARIAH CAREY being led by the hand by her personal trainer during a workout yesterday in New York City.

SPLITSVILLE: LEA MICHELE is single again. "People" reports he "Glee" star and her boyfriend of one year have called it quits. A rep for Michele said the relationship simply ran its course.

2. Actor Matt Roth has filed for divorce from his wife, former "Roseanne" star Laurie Metcalf. Roth, who played Laurie's abusive boyfriend on the show, cited irreconcilable differences for the split.

ON THIS DAY IN TABLOID HISTORY: It was on this day in 2007 that BRITNEY SPEARS was cited for hit-and-run and driving without a license after plowing into a parked car in Los Angeles.

Spears made a wide, right turn into a parking space and scraped another car's bumper.

WATCH: When NICOLE SCHERZINGER appeared on "Conan" the other night, he couldn't stop staring at her boobs. So she called him out for it ... (Video preceded by commercial)