DID KIM KARDASHIAN'S MOM TELL HER TO MAKE THE NOW FAMOUS SEX TAPE???!!!: KRIS JENNER is often accused of pimping out her daughters. But was she an actual pimp? KRIS HUMPHRIES' so-called ex-girlfriend says she sure did. Myla Sinanaj tells TMZ that while they were dating, Kris told her Kim's mother Kris actually advised Kim to make her sex tape and even made her re-shoot it because Jenner didn’t think the original looked "pretty" enough.

Kim's sis, KHLOE, put Humphries on blast after word got back to her. She tells TMZ, quote, "That [he's saying my mom masterminded Kim's sex tape is] just disgusting and disturbing, and probably HIS fantasy!"  Sources close to Kim also say Kris is lying. They say from the beginning of their relationship she refused to discuss the tape with him.

WAS JOHNNY DEPP 'BORED' WITH VANESSA PARADIS???: It was rumored for months, and finally confirmed this week that JOHNNY DEPP and his longtime girlfriend and baby mamma VANESSA PARADIS had separated. So what went wrong? According to Radaronline, Johnny was simply unhappy in the relationship. “Johnny didn’t want to be with Vanessa anymore. They had grown so far apart and he wanted to be free and try new things,” claimed an insider. “He was bored senseless with her.”

Added the insider, “Johnny just wants more from life and believes Vanessa deserves to be happier too.” And it sounds like Vanessa will be happy at least financially. According to the British tabloid The Sun, Depp plans on paying the mother of his two children over $150 million to keep the split amicable.

Meanwhile ... The Globe claims Johnny has already moved on and is dating his 'The Rum Diary' co-star AMBER HEARD. Their sources say she's become a “regular visitor” to the New Mexico set of Depp’s new movie. The tab even claims Depp bought Heard a horse so they could ride together when she comes to visit.

ROMANCE REPORT - KRISTIN DAVIS AND AARON SORKIN: 'The West Wing' writer Aaron Sorkin and 'Sex and the City' star KRISTIN DAVIS have been rumored to be a couple for several weeks now, but you can forget about the rumors now.

The two publically confirmed they are indeed a couple Wednesday by sharing a kiss on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of Sorkin’s new HBO series 'The Newsroom.'

DOH! A PREGNANT SNOOKI TUMBLES: Much like JESSICA SIMPSON, SNOOKI has so far refused to let her pregnancy cramp her fashion style, but after taking a tumble in her platform sandals maybe it's time she reconsider at least her footwear. Peep the pics HERE, HERE, and HERE.


DEMI MOORE NOT DATING 'TRUE BLOOD' STAR: DEMI MOORE is not -- I repeat, not -- dating a werewolf. Word on the street was she and 'True Blood' hottie JOE MANGANIELLO were an item, but Joe himself denied the rumor yesterday. Manganiello was on Ryan Seacrest's L.A. radio show and said, quote, "There is 100 percent zero truth to that. I met her once at a premiere and I maybe talked to her for three minutes."

But it was a memorable three minutes. Joe, who plays an exotic dancer in the upcoming movie'Magic Mike', says the two chatted about something they have in common. "She was in 'Striptease', so I was like, 'Hey, you played a stripper! I'm playing a stripper,' and we kind of had a three-minute conversation about exchanging stripping notes, and that was it."

SNAPSHOT - LOHAN AS LIZ: As you've probably heard, LINDSAY LOHAN is starring in Lifetime's 'Liz & Dick' TV movie and as such has had to channel ELIZABETH TAYLOR through the years. Radaronline posted THIS PHOTO of Linds as the '80s version of Taylor. A good likeness, yes or no?

WATCH: JUSTIN BEIBER was on "The Late Show" last night. Watch DAVID LETTERMAN take The Beebs to task for having too many tattoos ...