U-HAUL SPOTTED OUTSIDE ROBERT PATTINSON/KRISTEN STEWART HOME: When we last left the ROBERT PATTINSON/KRISTEN STEWART break-up saga Friday morning, Rob had moved out of the house he and Kristen shared. Now there are reports that they've BOTH moved out, and they're still not speaking to each other. TMZ spotted a U-Haul outside the house over the weekend, but who was moving what out was unclear. HERE'S the pic.

Meanwhile . . . a source tells RadarOnline Rob wants to, quote, "have a man to man chat" with "Snow White and the Huntsman" director RUPERT SANDERS, to find out exactly what happened between him and Kristen. Quote,"He feels like he needs to know exactly what happened, how far it went and how many times, so he can figure out if this is something he can move past."

HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON AND HOW FAR DID IT GO?: Sources consulted by the Gossip Cop web site are saying Kristen Stewart never had sex with director Rupert Sanders. They maintain that when Stewart publicly copped to a, quote,"momentary indiscretion," she was referring to the passionate kisses between the two. Nothing more, nothing less.

On a related note ... Rupert's brother-in-law says the affair went on for more than six months. Leopold Ross Ross told the UK newspaper 'The People'quote, "It was from the last half of filming and all through post-production, clear into last week."

ROMANCE REPORT - PARIS HILTON WANTS TO 'HOOKUP' WITH CHRIS BROWN: PARIS HILTON partied with CHRIS BROWN last week in France, and now the word on the street is she has her sights set on him. A source says, quote, "Paris thinks [he’s] hot. [She] likes bad boys, and [Chris] is bad to the bone." But because she has an image to uphold she’s supposedly only interested in, quote, "a steamy hook-up or two behind closed doors."

And the fact that Chris has a girlfriend isn’t a problem. Paris has figured out how to get around all that. Says the source, "[She’s] been pretending to be [Chris’ girlfriends] BFF. She knows how to use and manipulate other people to get what she wants." Paris posted these pics on her website over the weekend:


MICHAEL JACKSON'S KIDS ATTEND JACKSONS CONCERT: Despite their very public squabbling, KATHERINE JACKSON and her grandchildren PARIS, PRINCE and BLANKET all showed up at the Jackson brothers' Unity Tour stop in Saratoga, California Friday night.

This despite the fact that Jermaine is one of the Jackson siblings who's trying to remove the executors of Michael's estate, and was in on the plot to sneak Katherine away to Arizona and not let her have any contact with the kids for over a week. To further add to the confusing family dynamics, Marlon, Tito and Jackie are touring with Jermaine but are NOT in on the plot. In fact, they were also not allowed to speak with Katherine while she was in Arizona.

JADA PINKETT SHOWS US HER TWEETS: JADA PINKETT SMITH, who turns 41 in September, Tweeted out this bikini photo of herself with the caption, "To my Forty and over crew! Don't believe the hype... we DO get better with age!" Was she truly trying to inspire or was she just showing off? Discuss

MAZEL TOV! MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR: ‘Saved By the Bell’ superstar MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR made THE BIG MISTAKE on Saturday. His wife is an advertising executive named Catriona McGinn. This is Gosselaar's second marriage.

SNAPSHOT: A much lighter TYRA BANKS hit up the red carpet in Beverly Hills last night before attending a party for the CW Summer Tour. She's looking a bit too gaunt in the face, dontchathink?