RIHANNA SPENDS NIGHT AT ASHTON KUTCHER'S BACHELOR PAD!!!: ASHTON KUTCHER -- is RIHANNA hittin' dat???!!! Okay, this doesn't necessarily mean anything, but RiRi stopped by Kutcher's L.A. house for a late-night visit Tuesday. And according to TMZ, she didn't leave until 4 a.m.!!! There's no word what actually happened, but I'm betting they weren't sharing their favorite bible passages. Can you say 'booty call'?

'DANCING WITH THE STARS' WILLIAM LEVY'S NUDE PHOTO!!!: It was obvious by the reaction Telenovela hunk WILLIAM LEVY got on the season premiere of “Dancing With the Stars” that the lady’s love them the Levy!!! Well, check out what your Uncle Mikey has .. ahem … UNCOVERED for you … only NAKED PHOTOS of "The Latin Brad Pitt"!!!

The pics were taken when Levy was clowning around during a photo shoot in 2007.

IN DENIAL - KATY PERRY: KATY PERRY is blasting media reports that she dissed BEYONCE and SHAKIRA in a recent interview. Perry was discussing her plans to record with RIHANNA during an appearance on a British radio show when she admitted they wanted to emulate the success of the 1985 hit "Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves."

She said, quote, "I want it to be like that Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin song 'Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves', not like 'Beautiful Liar.'" When gossip sites honed in on that portion of the interview, Katy got all twisted saying the media failed to include the part of her quote in which she said of the Shakira/Beyonce collaboration, "I loved it."

So she took to Twitter to deny that she slammed Bey and Shakira. Perry tweeted, “F— all y’all dat thinks I dissed anyone, puhlez, u havin a slow news day or what?! Get a life, cuz it’s not mine!"

Meanwhile ... Katy is still hanging out with that hot European male model, Baptiste Giabiconi. While neither has confirmed nor denied a relationship, they were spotted last night leaving a club in Paris within minutes of each other. The two was also photographed getting "cozy" on the EuroStar train from London to Paris earlier this week.

IS LADY GAGA'S BOYFRIEND GOING TO PUT A RING ON IT???!!! LADY GAGA'S boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, is reportedly thinking about putting a ring on it. Word is Kinney was spotted in Chicago recently looking at promise rings. A promise ring???!!! What grade is this guy in?

According to the Hollywood Life gossip site, Kinney is serious enough about committing to a future with Gaga that he stopped by an upscale jewelry store on Michigan Avenue and asked about rings. A source says "He said something about a promise ring."

SNAPSHOT - REESE'S BABY BUMP: Although REESE WITHERSPOON has yet to comment on reports that she has been fetused by her husband of 9 months, Us Weekly’s so-called source says she's around 12 weeks along, and due next fall.  These photos seem to show a small bump already developing, dontchathink?

KATHY GRIFFIN SHOWS US HER TWEETS: KATHY GRIFFIN posted a picture of herself in "leaky lady panties" after having surgery to remove a uterine polyp. "Uterus polyp BENIGN!" she tweeted along with this photo. "But had to show u my sexxxy hospital "leaky lady" panties."