COVER SHOT - PEOPLE NAMES GWYNETH PALTROW MOST BEAUTIFUL: One week after the Star tabloid declared her Hollywood's “Most Hated Celebrity,” People magazine has named GWYNETH PALTROW the “World's Most Beautiful Woman" -- and she had the same reaction I did upon hearing the news: “I can’t believe it,” Paltrow said. “I’ve never been more surprised.”

ADELE, BEYONCE, KERRY WASHINGTON, and JENNIFER LAWRENCE are among the many other stars who made People’s "Most Beautiful" list.

REESE WITHERSPOON STARS IN ARREST VIDEO: It's probably safe to say REESE WITHERSPOON wasn't ready for this closeup. Video footage has surfaced showing Reese in handcuffs moments after her arrest this past Friday. In the clip, obtained by TMZ, Reese is led out of a police cruiser in cuffs, then uncuffed and taken inside the Atlanta police station for booking.

She was arrested early Friday morning for disorderly conduct, while her husband Jim Toth was being arrested for DUI. According to police, Reese tried to defend her husband and told the officer, "You're about to find out who I am... You are going to be on national news."

She released a statement Sunday saying she was "deeply embarrassed" by her actions and "clearly had one drink too many" but hasn't commented on her arrest since. Reese canceled all the appearances and interviews she had lined up for this week. Well now I'm confused. Does she want random police officers to know who she is, or doesn't she?

DAVID SPADES MESSAGE TO REESE WITHERSPOON: The paparazzi caught up with DAVID SPADE the other night, and asked him about REESE WITHERSPOON. Specifically, they asked him about her playing the "Do you know who I am?" card. And I love what he said.

Quote, "The general rule is...if you have to explain to someone you're famous, then you're technically not that famous." Boom Like Dat! "[When people] won't let me in somewhere I go, 'Great, thanks.' I don't try to explain to them I'm a big deal, because clearly I'm not big enough of a deal."

SHARON OSBOURNE OPENS UP ABOUT SPLIT WITH OZZY: SHARON OSBOURNE discussed her split from husband OZZY OSBOURNE yesterday on The Talk and assured the world that although they are not getting divorced they do have some things to work through. Sharon also used the opportunity to put the media on blast for distorting the truth.

"The only thing that's true was the Facebook posting that my husband did where he said he's been using alcohol and prescription drugs for the last year and a half," she said. Sharon added that she did not know Ozzy was using drugs, and was only aware that he was, quote, "drinking occasionally." She assured us all that although she's "devastated right now," neither she nor Ozzy are pursuing a divorce. "We've dealt with worse and we will deal with it and this too shall pass. Otherwise my husband will be taken to the hospital to get my foot removed from his ass."

THE ROCK SHOWS US HIS PICS: DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON had surgery yesterday to repair the damage he suffered during his Wrestlemania match with JOHN CENA earlier this month. After the operation he Tweeted an odd-looking photo of himself in his hospital bed, flexing in a Superman T-shirt and shower cap.


DID ‘AMERICAN IDOL’ TRY TO REPLACE MARIAH WITH JLO?!: Was a “secret plot” hatched to remove judge MARIAH CAREY and bring back fan favorite JENNIFER LOPEZ?

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The Hollywood Reporter says producers did indeed try pulling off a mid-season shake-up in a desperate effort to stop declining viewership. According to the entertainment industry paper, as soon as Mariah got wind of the coup, her team threatened legal action and the behind the scenes shenanigans stopped. People closely connected to the show, however, are calling this "just another ridiculous Idol judge rumor." Interestingly, producers are reportedly negotiating even today with J-Lo to appear on the season finale in May.

On a related Mariah note ... the diva posted a pic on her Instagram account of 2 year old Monroe in mommy's Agent Provocateurs …


DID KRIS JENNER GET KHLOE KARDASHIAN FIRED FROM ‘X FACTOR’?!: KRIS JENNER is known for promoting her daughters, but according to a popular celebrity news blog, it was her pushiness that got KHLOE KARDASHIAN dumped by The X Factor!

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According to not-always-reliable Perez Hilton, Khloe got fired from the show because her momager was trying to torpedo MARIO LOPEZ -- and replace him with another Kardashian. A source says, "Kris would go to the producers and say Mario was being pushy and insensitive and she’d often confront Mario directly. There was even a very absurd incident when Kris suggested to the producers that they should dump Mario and replace him with one of her other daughters. Kris claimed that the chemistry between Mario and Khloe just didn’t work and that Kim or Kourtney would be a better fit."

KRIS JENNER SHOWS US HER PICS: Wanna hate KRIS JENNER more than you already do? Check out what's written on the back of her cell phone case. (PHOTO)

'DANCING' UPDATE - BOXER BOOTED: "Dancing With the Stars" held its Week 6 results show last night and it came down to boxer VICTOR ORTIZ and "The Bachelor" SEAN LOWE. Victor was sent home.


SNAPSHOTS: DENISE RICHARDS has clearly lost too much weight. I know she's always been thin, but she looks particularly gaunt in these photos taken Monday, dontchathink? (PHOTO) (PHOTO)