DID JENNIFER LOPEZ HAVE A NIP-SLIP AT THE OSCARS???!!!: The evidence is inconclusive, but it looks like JENNIFER LOPEZ might have shown a little nipple action during the Oscars.

Lopez presented two awards with CAMERON DIAZ last night, but it was Jennifer's dress that has everybody buzzing today. Before announcing the second winner, Lopez and Diaz turned their backs to the camera so the audience could get a view of their dresses.

When they spun back to face the front, it looks like JLo's plunging neckline may have slipped enough to display ... well, something.

This is up for debate, people: Is this some kind of tape-and-shadow optical illusion, or a hint of areola/nipple? We Report, You Decide. Do you see something? ...

Jennifer's nipple is now tweeting. Yup, the wardrobe malfunction has it’s own Twitter account. First Tweet? “Did you see me?”. Hit it up HERE

ON THE RED CARPET: ANGELINA JOLIE showed off a new 'do -- going from dark brunette to golden brown -- and some serious skin in a dress with a high leg split.

Angie's right leg has it's own Twitter account too. First tweet? "Look at me!" Any other body parts we should be following? Did Tricia's cleavage do anything interesting this week?



BLUE IVY MAKES PUBLIC DEBUT ... SORT OF: JAY-Z and BEYONCE stepped out with newborn, Blue Ivy, for the first time since Bey gave birth to her a couple of months ago — though she’s pretty tough to see! Blue was bundled up and nestled in mama's bear arms, and mostly obscured by Beyonce’s hair, but if you look closely, you can just make out her dark hair ...

WEDDING RUMORS: It may have taken awhile for JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JESSICA BIEL to get engaged, but sources tell Us Weekly they aren't wasting any time getting to the altar. Word is the couple plans to make THE BIG MISTAKE this summer. As for the engagement ring, which Biel reportedly debuted at a Saturday Night Live after party last weekend, the source tells the tab, "it wasn't huge. It looked vintage and might have been custom made

2. Those BRAD PITT/ANGELINA JOLIE wedding rumors have started up again. The latest story comes courtesy of London's Dail Mail, which posted pictures of construction going on at the couple's chateau in the South of France. The paper reports that they are constructing a large white building next to the chateau's chapel, leading many to speculate it may be used for a future wedding reception. Insiders claim that builders are trying to finish the project by September.

SNAPSHOT: JESSICA SIMPSON making her way through New York City Saturday wearing pretty massive heels and looking HUGE! When is this girl going to pop!!!???

WATCH - THE DICTATOR DUMPS ON RYAN SEACREST: SACHA BARON COHEN was the talk of last night's red carpte walk. Cohen came in his Moammar Gadhafi-like character from his upcoming movie, 'The Dictator', bearing what he said were the ashes of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. He then spilled the ashes all over RYAN SEACREST, who looked a bit perturbed as dusted off his tuxedo ...