THE SCHWARZENEGGER LOVE CHILD SCANDAL: New details in the ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER 'Love Child' scandal are coming out seemingly by the minute. Here's some of the latest...

--Celebrity journalist Ian Halperin, who wrote the book "The Governator", was on "Inside Edition" last night declaring the existence of more mistresses and baby mamas. He said he interviewed at least six women who claimed to have children fathered by Arnold and predeicts they'll start coming out of the wood work any day now.

--The Hollywood Life gossip site claims one of those alleged mistress/baby mamas was once a flight attendant on Arnold's private plane.

Tammy Tousignant was first reported about back in 2003 in the London "Daily Mail" but wil not comment publicly on her alleged Arnold love child except to tweet "My husband and my children are MY world."


--Yet another alleged mistress - Gigi Jeffers, also known as Gigi Goyette -has lawyered up. And not just any lawyer. She's hired Gloria Allred, Radar Online reports. Gigi claims she did the dirty-dirty with Arnold in 1975 when she was a 16-year-old child actress on "Little House On The Prairie". It's not clear why Allred has been retained, as a lawsuit has yet to be filed.

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--TMZ is reporting the baby mama we *do* know about blew the lid off the scandal when she wrote in her divorce papers that she and her husband had no minor children during their union, although Mildred Patty Baena listed husband Rogelio Baena as the father on the love-child's birth certificate.

Along with the divorce papers, TMZ posted this picture of Arnold and his baby mama bumpin' and grindin' at a Schwarzenegger house party ...

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