THE ARNOLD 'LOVE CHILD' SCANDAL: In the wake of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER'S confirmation yesterday that he secretly fathered a child more than a decade ago with his housekeeper, come allegations there may be other Schwarzenegger "love children."

Vanity Fair writer John Connolly appeared on "The Joy Behar Show" last night, claiming he knows for a fact Arnold has fathered at least one other illegitimate child. Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag now. Yes, *I* am Arnold Schwarzenegger's other love child.

While Arnold has yet to comment on his allegations, he did admit the L.A. Times revelation is what sent wife Maria Shriver packing.

THE LOVE CHILD PICTURES:Even though the L.A. Times has known the identity of the baby mama and had pictures of her and the "love child", they chose to keep it under wraps to protect their privacy. TMZ, RadarOnline and London's Daily Mail, not so much.

Last night TMZ revealed the name of the former housekeeper and posted photos of her and the kid, but obscured his face. They assure us, though, the boy's facial features, especially his mouth and teeth, look eerily like Arnold's.

Meanwhile ... Maria isn't in hiding. She showed up in Chicago yesterday as a special guest at a taping of one of Oprah Winfrey's farewell shows, but didn't discuss the scandal ...

DANCING WITH THE STARS - THE FINAL 3:KIRSTIE'S in, the Karate Kid is out. RALPH MACCHIO was eliminated on last night's "Dancing With the Stars", leaving Steeler HINES WARD, Disney chick CHELSEA KANE, and ALLEY in next week's finals.

RENEE ZELLWEGER ROMANCE REPORT - IS JOHN MAYER HITTIN'DAT???!!!:The not-always-reliable "Globe" claims RENEE ZELLWEGER has been spotted spending quality time with JOHN MAYER!!! According to their source, the two have been "quietly" going on dates in both Los Angeles and New York and looked very happy together. Well, John looks happy. Rene still looks like she sucked on a lemon. Hi-Yo!!!

The insider adds they are not in a relationship. Renee is only "looking for a good time with a hot guy." And, what? She's hoping Mayer can help her find one? Hi-Yo!!! Man, I'm on a roll!

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "I'm obsessed with J-LO and everything about her. She looks so freakin' good and I totally would bone her." -- KHLOE KARDASHIAN, in an interview with "Us Weekly".

 If you're Khloe and you're tired of people saying you look like you have a penis, you probably shouldn't say stuff like that in an interview, dontchathink?

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: A happy 41st to TINA FEY!!! Here's who else will be taking a swing at a pinata today.

Speaking of Tina …According to the New York Times, her book “Bossypants” is the current #1 best-selling tell-all celeb book . No one, however, seems to want to read JESSE JAMES’ memoir – “American Outlaw” which is down at number 20. Following Fey are memoirs written by Steven Tyler, Rob Lowe and Betty White. Other notable celebrities on the list include Shania Twain at #6, Ashley Judd at #13 and Shirley Maclaine at #16.

BABY NEWS: DONALD TRUMP'S daughtyer, Ivanka, reveals it's a girl and that she's officially due to give birth on or about July 14th. Here's the mom to be - baby bump and all - posing in a skintight, black Playboy Bunny costume in the new issue of "Harper's Bazaar" ...

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