UPDATE - TIM TEBOW "DEFINITELY NOT" DOING 'THE BACHELOR': In yesterday's Hollywood Dirt Report you told about "Bachelor" host CHRIS HARRISON telling 'Access Hollywood' that he'd asked TIM TEBOW if he'd consider doing the show. He said Tim said YES, but he knew Tim wasn't serious.

Well, apparently many people either ignored or didn't grasp the meaning of the last part, so Tim took to Twitter to clarify the situation: "Ha ha rumors can be crazy! Even though I've watched the show before, I'm definitely not gonna be on The Bachelor."

You're not really surprised, are you? Did you really think the good Christian quarterback would be willing to make out with all those fame-hungry skanks?  Remember how he acted on his date with Taylor Swift? Our hidden microphone was there ... 

LINDSAY LOHAN MISTAKEN FOR 66 YEAR-OLD: How sad is this ... 'Blondi' lead singer DEBBIE HARRY was bum rushed by the paparazzi Sunday as she was leaving the Mercer Hotel because they thought she was LINDSAY LOHAN!!! Debbie is 66 years old. Lindsay is 25. Lindsay had been staying at the Mercer and was photographed the day before as she left the hotel wearing similar sunglasses. How sad for Lohan that a 66-year-old woman can look so much like her, huh?

HOW CLOSE WAS SOFIA VERGARA TO BEING MRS. TOM CRUISE? THISCLOSE!!!: Just two months before TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES came out as a couple, he was supposedly set to marry someone else: "Modern Family" bombshell SOFIA VERGARA!!!

In his book "Tom Cruise: A Biography", Andrew Morton claims that when Tom began courting Sofia 8 years ago he was grooming her to become his wife --until she got scared off by his scientology beliefs.  Morton says "When [Sofia] got a good look at what life would be like tied to Tom's religion, she freaked out and broke it off. Two days later, Tom was already courting Katie behind the scenes."

PHOTOS OF A YOUNG ADELE: Britain's "Daily Mail" tabloid published a few photos of ADELE when she was young. The six pictures span from when she was a baby up to nine years old.

IT'S ON! RIHANNA VS. CHRIS BROWN'S NEW GIRLFRIEND: Rember the twitpic of rice cakes RIHANNA posted over the weekend that many took as a jab at CHRIS BROWN’S new girl, Karrueche Tran?  Tran initially took the high road and ignored it, but not for long. Check out what she recently posted on her personal Facebook page:  "I'm Angeline, you're Jen. C'mon you see where Brad is at."

DID MEGAN FOX GET CHEEK IMPLANTS - YES OR NO?: MEGAN FOX showed up at the premiere of her new movie "Friends With Kids" rockin' fuller than usual looking cheeks. Did she have implants? Filler? Is it the way her makeup was applied that gives them that look? We Report, You Decide. These photos were taken the night of the premiere ...

And this one was taken this past November ...

BABY POOP - SNOOKI CONFIRMS PREGNANCY: Now we know why SNOOKI has been mum about addressing the pregnancy rumors ... she'd sold the story to 'Us Weekly'.

Snooki confirms exclusively to the tab that, yes, she's been fetused, and, yes, she's engaged. The "Jersey Shore" oompa-loompa also reveals she won't film any "Jersey Shore" episodes this summer."I'm not living in that house being pregnant," she says. "I don't want to be one of those moms who's pregnant in a club. It's disgusting."

BABY POOP - IT'S A GIRL FOR JESSICA SIMPSON: It's a girl for JESSICA SIMPSON!!! No, the seemingly perpetually pregnant Simpson hasn't popped yet. She did, however, confirm the baby's sex in Elle’s April issue.  And although she would not reveal what name she's picked out, she does promise it won't be “nothing shocking and nothing you’ll have to add to the dictionary.” Simpson  also added that her impending bundle of joy is expected to weigh in at a healthy 10 pounds!!!