JOHN MAYER VS. TAYLOR SWIFT - WHO YOU GOT???: TAYLOR SWIFT is among the many ladies JOHN MAYER has supposedly, allegedly hit and quit. But what John didn't know at the time was that he was just setting himself up to be a future song lyric. And now Mayer is a bit perturbed about it.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Mayer takes exception with Swift’s 2010 diss song “Dear John,” calling the song “cheap songwriting.” “It made me feel terrible. Because I didn’t deserve it," he says. "It was a really lousy thing to do. It’s abusing your talent to rub your hands together and go, ‘Wait til he gets a load of this!’ That’s bulls***.”

Mayer adds, quote, "I was really caught off-guard, and it really humiliated me at a time when I'd already been dressed down." John is referring to the media explosion he caused for interviews where he used the N-word and referring to his ex-girlfriend JESSICA SIMPSON as "sexual napalm."

JOHN MAYER VS. TAYLOR SWIFT - PART DUEX: The battle between JOHN MAYER and TAYLOR SWIFT got awkward Tuesday at a West Hollywood restaurant, when, according to the New York Post’s Page Six gossip section, they unexpectedly ran into each other. As per their “spy”, Swift and a friend entered the Tower Bar and were about to be seated when Taylor noticed John dining with his friend a few table away. The source says Taylor, quote, “very visibly — in front of the entire restaurant — demanded to be moved to the other side.”

ARE BRITNEY SPEARS AND DEMI LOVATO WARRING ON THE SET OF 'X FACTOR'???!!!:The headline in the new issue of "Star" magazine reads "Demi vs. Britney: IT'S WAR!" The report goes on to state the two singers can't stand each other, and that “their feud is making working on the 'X Factor' set unbearable!" Their set insider says, quote, "Demi thinks Britney is a twit, and Britney thinks Demi is beneath her…they avoid each other as much as possible when the cameras aren't rolling.” Adding ominously, “It's only a matter of time before they come to blows."

As AWESOME as that would be, it ain’t happening. Britney's rep denies such a feud exists, saying, quote, "[It's] completely not true. [They] get along very well. This is a pathetic attempt at creating a story." Demi's rep adds, quote, "It's all fiction, they're both having fun on set."


CHECK OUT MILEY'S ENGAGEMENT RING: MILEY CYRUS, as you may have heard, is getting hitched. Boyfriend LIAM HEMSWORTH put a ring on it last Thursday, and what a ring it is!

According to a diamond expert consulted by the gossip site Hollywood Life, the 3.5-carat diamond set in gold set Hemsworth back about $100,000. Here's another look at the sparkler.

COVER SHOT - DREW BARRYMORE'S WEDDING:People magazine landed the exclusive pictures of DREW BARRYMORE’S weekend wedding, and put a couple of them on the cover of its new issue. People gave Drew two covers, in fact; one of her alone, and one with her fiancé holding her baby bump. “The day was perfect,” the pregnant Barrymore told the magazine. “Everyone we love and care about was there. It was as fun and meaningful as we ever could have hoped.”

But the National Enquirer claims there were a few people missing from the event. None of Drew’s relatives, including her mother, were invited because, according to their source, “Drew said the only way to make sure her wedding was drama free was not to invite any of them.”

And speaking of People magazine covers ...their recent edition featuring the first pictures of JESSICA SIMPSON’S daughter Maxwell didn’t pay off for the publication. People reportedly shelled out $850,000 for the exclusive shots, but the issue only sold about 950,000 copies. The magazine’s usual average is 1.3 million copies per week.

ROMANCE REPORT - HUMPHRIES *IS* DATING SO CALLED KIM LOOKALIKE: Looks like KRIS HUMPHRIES does have a new girlfriend.  And its supposedly the chick in the photos of Kris at the beach with a womanwhich surfaced earlier this week. At the time, sources close to Kris claimed she was just some one who happened to sit next to him, but TMZ is now saying otherwise. According to them, the woman is indeed Kris’ girlfriend. Her name is Fatmire Sinanaj -- she goes by Myla -- and he flew her from New York to Miami to spend the weekend with him. Insiders say Kris and Myla, who works at a five-star hotel in New York, have been dating since January.

I found Myla’s Facebook page and from the looks of it, she loves to take photos of herself. Sound like someone else he used to be with?

BABY POOP - MORE GISELE PREGNANCY RUMORS:Looks like the rumors that Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are expecting another baby might be true.  A source tells Us Weekly the supermodel is, in fact, three months pregnant, and claims a small baby bump can be seen in a recent picture. "Yes, she is pregnant," the source tells Us. Here's the photo of the alleged baby bump. What do you think, has Gisele been fetused?

WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE - ICE T'S WIFE COCO IN A THONG BIKINI: ICE T’S wife COCO has never been shy about showing off all the junk in her trunk. She usually reserves the more salacious images for her Twitter followers, but the other day she hit the beach in a thong bikini. Here's the photo. What do you think, Super Sexy or Super Obscene?

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION 'WINNIE COOPER':Former 'Wonder Years' star DANICA McKELLAR has filed for divorce from her husband of three years. The couple, who separated only last week, has a one-year-old son. McKellar cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.