IN DENIAL - TAYLOR SWIFT: Sources close to TAYLOR SWIFT are denying a recent claim that she’s started dating Hawaiian surfer John John Florence.

Life & Style magazine was the first to report the alleged romance, after Australian TV asked John John about Taylor and he said, “um, I’m not supposed to comment on that,” and then added, “Yeah, you know, it’s kind of a secret thing going on right now. Can’t bust it out in the public just yet.” But Swift's peeps tell E!, “there is no truth to that at all. Taylor is not dating – or texting this guy.”

RIHANNA GETS PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDER: A judge in California yesterday granted RIHANNA a permanent restraining order against some obsessed dude who tried to break into her home, and no, not CHRIS BROWN.

The man, Steveland Barrow, was busted last month after mistakenly breaking into the home of one of Rihanna’s neighbors thinking he was busting into RiRi's place. Barrow must stay at least 100 yards away from Rihanna for the next three years.

BOBBY BROWN SPENDS WHOPPING NINE HOURS IN JAIL: BOBBY BROWN turned himself in to begin serving a 55-day sentence for DUI. Nine hours later, he was a free man. As was the case for LINDSAY, his short stay was due to overcrowding in the L.A. County Jail. But Bobby isn't totally in the clear. He was released to house arrest, which he has to serve for a total of 8 days, and he has to wear one of those electronic ankle bracelets to keep him honest.

LOHAN LUNACY - ANGER MANAGEMENT BEFORE REHAB: According to the "New York Post", LINDSAY LOHAN plans to hang out with CHARLIE SHEEN for a week and then head off to Brazil before she's required to check into rehab on May 2nd.


LoHo is set to start shooting an episode of Charlie's FX series 'Anger Management' next week. Her role isn't much of a stretch -- she'll play herself as a patient who develops a thing for Charlie’s therapist character.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION 'COSBY KID' MALCOLM-JAMAL WARNER: Hey, ladies, Theo Huxtable is single again. After two years of dating, MALCOLM-JAMAL WARNER has booted girlfriend REGINA KING. And according to Us Weekly, it wasn't the most friendly of partings.

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The former 'Cosby Show' star reportedly asked King and her young son to move out of the house they were sharing because he, quote, "wasn't feeling it anymore." The so-called insider adds that Regina is "still very brokenhearted."

COULD BE TRUE BUT PROBABLY CRAP - KANYE WEST WANTS TO GIVE HIS AND KIM'S CHILD A WEIRD NAME: First there was Apple. Then Blu Ivy. Now, if we're to believe the rarely-if-ever-reliable British 'Sun' tabloid, KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST have settled on the name North for their baby. That's right. North. West. Does their deal with the devil even allow them to name their spawn something that doesn’t star with a K?

WATCH VANESSA HUDGENS BOOTY POP ON ‘TONIGHT SHOW’: VANESSA HUDGENS went on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' the other night to promote the new movie she’s in, and conversation turned to how she was "booty poppin'" at Madonna's Oscar party. Naturally, Leno wanted a demonstration.