MORE ON SIMON COWELL'S SCANDALOUS AFFAIR WITH FRIEND’S WIFE: We found out yesterday from Us Weekly that 53 year-old SIMON COWELL is going to be a daddy and that the baby mama is 36 year-old New York socialite Lauren Silverman -- the wife of his close friend Andrew Silverman!

According to the tab, although the Silvermans are still married, they “have been unhappy in their marriage for some time and their divorce has been in the works for a while.” Andrew reportedly filed for divorce last month, but it's not clear how long they've been estranged or what caused the split so this could be a case of out-and-out home-wrecking!!!

Sources are telling London's The Mail Cowell and this Silverman chick have been seeing each other for at least a year! Although other sources suggest they're not really even together, and this kid could spark a big time court battle between them. Simon's U.K. rep didn't want to get involved when reached by People magazine, calling it "a very sensitive issue" and deflecting "all media enquiries [to Simon's] U.S. attorney."

Although Simon has not addressed the situation he finds himself in, he also hasn’t denied the reports. The Daily Mail says he accepts that the baby is his, “and has hired tough Los Angeles-based lawyer Marty Singer to help him handle the crisis.” They also posted numerous photos of Simon, Lauren and Andrew that were taken on a yacht in the Caribbean about a year and a half ago. These three apparently took a lot of vacations together, but Andrew would often leave early on business, leaving Simon and Lauren alone together for another week or two. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Meanwhile ... TMZ is reporting that divorce paper filed by Simon’s ‘good friend’ accuse his wife of having an adulterous relationship with Cowell and names him as a co-respondent. Quote, "The nature of this action is: to dissolve the marriage between the parties based upon (1) the commission of acts of adultery by the defendant and (2) defendant's cruel and inhuman treatment of the plaintiff."

LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY NEEDS MORE THERAPY: LINDSAY LOHAN, you’ve just spent 90-days getting clean and sober, what are going to do next? I'm going to therapy! The judge in her probation case ordered Lindsay to attend therapy sessions three times a week for the next 15 months to help avoid a relapse.

He made the decision Wednesday on the recommendation of the rehab center's CEO and founder who warned in a letter to the judge, quote, "If these sessions are not required by the court and attendance verified once a month to ensure accountability, it is a set-up for almost certain failure." They even put a plan in place for when Lindsay starts whining that she has to travel for "work". They said the sessions, quote, "should be done face to face while she is in town, and via Skype or phone session if she is out of town."

JUSTIN BIEBER CLEARED IN HIT AND RUN: JUSTIN BIEBER can scratch off one potential problem in his life -- he's been cleared of hit-and-run in connection with an incident in June outside a Hollywood night club. The Bieb was accused of clipping a paparazzo with his Ferrari and leaving the scene. The LAPD had initially cleared Justin, but still sent the case to the D.A. -- who now says there was "insufficient evidence to prove that Bieber knowingly left the scene of a collision in which someone was injured."

Meanwhile ... Justin thinks Beliebers aren’t very smart. He was doing a show the other night and in between songs asked his fans to “refrain” from throwing things on stage. Then, because he wasn’t sure his fans knew what the word meant, he defined “refrain” for them -- only he doesn’t know either. He told the crowd, quote, “’Refrain’ means don’t throw.” Uh-oh, someone tell Merriam-Webster they’re going to have to update their entry!

ROMANCE REPORT - ASHLEE SIMPSON GOES PUBLIC WITH NEW MAN: ASHLEE SIMPSON and new boyfriend Evan Ross made their first red carpet appearance together Tuesday. The pair, who was first linked in early July, attended the launch of JESSICA SIMPSON’S Fall 2013 Campaign in New York, and walked hand-in-hand on the red carpet. Sources say Ashlee and Evan, DIANA ROSS’S son, have been friends for over ten years, and things recently turned romantic.

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AMANDA BYNES IS DOING BETTER: Thanks to a so-called "cocktail" of drugs she's been receiving while under psychiatric care, AMANDA BYNES is said to be doing a lot better. Sources tell TMZ she's been responding so well to the medication her doctors have prescribed, instead of talking to herself and insulting people, she's been polite and helpful.

Amanda is due back in court today (Thursday), where a judge will determine whether she can leave the psychiatric hospital. Insiders tell TMZ that probably won't happen because doctors will say they need more time to be sure the drugs are doing their job completely, and there's no guarantee Amanda will take them on her own. The judge will also be listening to more arguments from her parents over the conservatorship of her affairs.

LADY GAGA, RIHANNA, AND BEYONCE SHOW US THEIR PICS: LADY GAGA is in the process of recording her new album ARTPOP, due November 11, and Tweeted out this pic of herself in the studio ...


BEYONCE hanging out with JESSICA ALBA and friend backstage at JAY Z and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE'S concert on Sunday in Pasadena, California ...


RIHANNA, un-sure of her 'do, posted this selfie of herself "still tryna get used to my hurr" ...