SIMON COWELL BABY MAMA DRAMA: News that SIMON COWELL was going to be a dad shocked not only the public, but apparently the father-to-be as well. Simon was reportedly blindsided by the news that he had impregnated his good friend's wife, 36-year-old Lauren Silverman.

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“The pregnancy has taken him by surprise. He assumed she was using birth control,” claims a tabloid source. “Simon thought this was a casual relationship – friends with benefits. The pregnancy was not planned. And he's wondering if he got taken for a ride. "He is feeling tricked. No question that Simon will want to be part of the baby's life, but I'm not so sure he wants to be part of Lauren's."

Meanwhile ... one insider tells the New York Post that despite reports, Andrew and Lauren “weren’t estranged” when Simon started hittin’ dat. Some of Lauren's friends agree and add that Lauren is a gold-digger who got knocked up by Simon on purpose to get her hands on his money. “She’s a total gold-digger,” one pal told The Post. “The pregnancy was by design.” Another insider told the New York Daily News, “She has a thing for rich, powerful men. She knows having Simon’s baby will mean he will always be in her life and he is a very wealthy and generous man.”

LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY GETS BACK TO WORK/FELLOW REHAB RESIDENT SPEAKS: LINDSAY LOHAN got right back to work yesterday, taping her guest-hosting turn on Chelsea Lately. On-set sources say she arrived on time and was a joy to work with from rehearsals through the entire taping. She even nailed her monologue in one take, and joked about herself by saying she'd just returned from a "90-day court-ordered vacation." The show airs this coming Monday night.(August 5)


Meanwhile ... one of Linds fellow rehab residents is spilling the beans about her behavior. Tommy Tracy told a San Diego TV station he was a member of Lohan’s recovery group and claims they developed a close relationship while attending therapy sessions together and 12-step meetings.

Meetings Lindsay took, quote, "really seriously" -- adding Says Tommy of LiLo's attitude, "She would sit with her little notebook and all the time be working on her 12 steps. I have never seen someone so committed.” Tommy also revealed that the treatment facility features a hotel chef and daily massages and hinted that Lindsay wasn’t even the biggest name there.

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One final LoHo note ...  After years of public feuding with her troubled dad, Lindsay has decided that he's actually a good influence on her life after all. According to TMZ, Linds used a therapy session near the end of her rehab stay to decide which of her friends and loved ones should be cut loose and figured that Michael Lohan was on the good list -- despite his own battles with drugs, booze and violent behavior. So if he's a positive influence, who's considered negative?

TODAY IN AMANDA BYNES - JUDGE DENIES REQUEST TO LEAVE HOSPITAL: AMANDA BYNES is going to have to stay a little longer. In a hearing that took place in the hospital psych ward, a judge decided that Amanda is not ready to be released just yet. Mostly because she isn't totally stable yet, and her condition hasn't been formally diagnosed.

TMZ reports the 27-year-old appeared before a judge in the psych ward, and her lawyer argued there is no legal basis to hold her, saying she is perfectly capable of caring for herself. The judge wound up agreeing with doctors who argued that Amanda needed to stay in the hospital to monitor her mental condition. The news isn't necessarily bad. Sources say the meds are really helping Amanda. For instance, she's no longer talking to herself or insulting people. In fact, the only thing Amanda has called "ugly" today is the situation Simon Cowell finds himself in. Hi-Yo!

BABY POOP - MEGAN FOX PREGNANT WITH BABY #2: MEGAN FOX and hubby BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN aren't wasting any time -- they're expecting their second child. Fox and Green, who married in 2010, already have a 9-month-old baby son, Noah Shannon, was born in September. Their rep says they are "very happy."

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - JENNIFER ANISTON SEEING FERTILITY DOCTOR: JENNIFER ANISTON has spoken in the past about her desire to become a mom, and now one tabloid claims she’s running out of patience with trying to conceive a baby the old-fashioned way -- so she's turning to a fertility clinic for help.

According to In Touch, Jen has been visiting an in vitro fertilization clinic for a while in a last-ditch effort to bear a child before time runs out. A source close to Aniston says, "She knows the clock is ticking –- she’s well aware of it. If all goes as planned, she will be pregnant by her 45th birthday on February 11th.”

Or ... is she preggers already? Here's a photo of Jennifer at the red carpet premiere of "We're the Millers" yesterday (Thursday) -- is that a baby bump or just a big meal? We Report, You Decide!

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CELEBRITY COURT - MODERN FAMILY KID FREE FROM MOM: Modern Family cast member ARIEL WINTER'S real-life family just got a little less troublesome, thanks to a judge who refused to return her to the custody of her allegedly abusive mother.


The 15-year-old was placed in the care of her 34-year-old sister Shanelle Gray after Gray claimed that mom Chrystal Workman was abusing Winter physically and emotionally. The older sister alleged that mom "slapped, pushed and starved" Ariel over the course of several years -- which Workman denies. The judge ordered all parties to return for a hearing on September 16th.

CELEBRITY REAL ESTATE - SHERYL CROW: If you have 6 million dollars laying around SHERYL CROW would like to interest you in her fabulous Tennessee horse ranch just outside of Nashville.

Crow’s asking $5.8 million for 152 rolling acres of open pasture, pond, woods and flat land, the main house with nanny quarters, a pool/waterfall/spa, and guest house.