IN DENIAL - JENNIFER LOPEZ NOW CLAIMS SHE DIDN'T KNOW DICTATOR WAS IN THE AUDIENCE: As we reported yesterday, JENNIFER LOPEZ got in trouble over the weekend for doing a concert for the leader of Turkmenistan, whose government is said to be one of the most repressive in the world. Yesterday, her rep Benny Medina apologized for the over sight, but today he's making excuses.


Medina tells TMZ J.Lo didn't know the man was in the audience until after she had finished her 3-song set -- that's when someone told him the dictator was in the audience. At that point, he says she was strong-armed into returning to the stage to wish him a happy birthday. As to why he nor anyone else in her camp did any research into the president's human rights record, he said that's because they didn’t know he was going to be there. Oh, and he says Lopez will not return the reported 1.5 million she earned for her appearance.

SHOWBIZ TRAGEDY - KYRA SEDGWICK CHOPS OFF HER FINGER: KYRA SEDGWICK is living proof vegetables can be hazardous to your health. "The Closer" star had to be rushed to the emergency room after a cooking catastrophe involving kale. According to hubby KEVIN BACON, the kitchen injury cost Krya the tip of her finger, which she accidentally sliced off while chopping greens.


Bacon later tweeted "my baby is fine" along with a photo of Kyra with a heavily bandaged finger, adding they still couldn't find the missing piece.


TODAY IN CELEBRITY WARDROBE MISHAPS - SELENA GOMEZ CROTCH SHOT: SELENA GOMEZ suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a performance over the weekend that looked pretty explicit, but upon closer inspection actually wasn't. Selena was rocking a skirt with a pretty high slit, which made it appear like she had gone commando. Sadly,it turned out she was wearing nude-colored undies. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - KALEY CUOCO DATING THE MAN OF STEEL: In a match made in nerd heaven, a Big Bang Theory star is supposedly dating the new Superman. One of those ubiquitous insiders tells Us Weekly KALEY CUOCO and HENRY CAVILL "are totally hot for each other." Another source says Henry is "a massive Big Bang Theory fan" and "has always wanted to date her."


The feeling must have been mutual because Kaley had recently tweeted the above photo of herself gazing  at a "Man of Steel" poster and urged her Twitter followers to see the reboot. "It's fantastic in every way," she gushed.


SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION NICOLE SCHERZINGER: The bloom is supposedly off the romance rose for NICOLE SCHERZINGER and longtime boyfriend, Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton. The not-always-reliable UK press is reporting the couple, who have been dating on and off for five years, has called it quits again.


It's a bit of a surprise as just a few weeks ago, Hamilton hinted he was going to propose to Nicole sometime in the near future. “We’ve been together for five years which is quite a milestone,” he said. “But hopefully in the near future. Maybe before we get to six years.”

LINDSAY LOHAN CELEBRATES HER 27TH BIRTHDAY IN REHAB - PLANS TO GO INTO HIDING: LINDSAY LOHAN is spending her 27th birthday today (Tuesday) in rehab -- and reportedly without Adderall. Linds is slated to get out next month, and it sounds like she may be taking her sobriety seriously this time. TMZ says her post-rehab plan is to go into hiding because she finally realizes she can’t stay sober when she’s out partying in New York and Los Angeles. LoHo supposedly wants to move somewhere in the U.S. where the paparazzi won’t find her (good luck with that) so she can concentrate on herself.

MILEY MAKES IT RAIN: Rappers aren't the only ones who make it rain at the strip club. So does MILEY CYRUS. According to the New York Post, Miley was spotted at a Miami gentleman's club twice over the weekend.


Word is she was slapping the go-go dancers' backsides, throwing dollar bills at them, and tearing up the dance floor with fellow pop singer KESHA. Here's the pic she tweeted out of "MeeeeAHmiiii @keshasuxx wfriends" ...

TODAY IN STRANGE AMANDA BYNES BEHAVIOR - INVASION OF THE MIND SNATCHERS: Here's a quick AMANDA BYNES Twitter update ... Amanda apparently thinks someone has been invading her head, and she wants to be compensated for it ...