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The on-again, off-again couple reportedly had a "nuclear argument" while in Mexico to celebrate New Year’s Eve and went their separate ways before ringing in 2013. A source tells the New York Daily News the two have yet to see each other since the verbal throw-down. But do not fret true Bielebers of everlasting love! "They keep breaking up and getting back together," the Daily News source adds. "It's probably not correct to characterize this as a final breakup."

UPDATE - NEW CLAIMS ABOUT PHOTOG KILLED CHASING BIEBER'S FERRARI: TMZ is reporting that Chris Guerra -- the paparazzo killed while trying to get a shot of Justin Bieber -- was stalking the Bieb and lied about seeing him smoking marijuana while driving. The site has multiple sources who say there's no way Guerra could have seen Justin with a hash pipe on the freeway, because the only time he left his hotel that day was to go out to lunch in Hollywood.

TMZ also claims that "well-connected sources" have said that Guerra "made Justin's life hell...following and chasing him at every opportunity." Guerra was also apparently lying when he said that Selena's car was parked at Justin's hotel on New Year's Eve. The two had a blow-out fight on Sunday in Mexico and haven't been seen together since.

According to TMZ, Bieber didn't like Guerra, but out of respect for the family, is reluctant to throw these details out there himself.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION BRADLEY COOPER: Like Justin and Selena, BRADLEY COOPER and ZOE SALDANA'S second attempt at a relationship hasn't worked out. They reportedly split up again just before the holidays.

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A source tells the New York Post, "Zoe had planned to spend the holidays with Bradley and his family in Europe. They all were going to Paris, but things didn’t work out between them." The two originally dated for three months before splitting up in March last year and reconciling in September. No word on why things didn't work out this time.

LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY PAID BIG BUCKS TO RING IN NEW YEAR: LINDSAY LOHAN had promised she wouldn't party on New Year’s Eve, but of course that promise was broken -- and now we know why. Turns out LiLo was paid at around $100,000 to ring in 2013 in London with Brunei’s Haji Abdul Azim. The prince is known for throwing wild, lavish bashes that include gift bags stuffed with expensive party favors like iPads and jewelry.

According to a so-called insider, "Lindsay went because she’s that desperate for a paycheck." Prince Azim also reportedly paid Lionel Ritchie $250,000 to sing and Pamela Anderson $75,000 just to show up.

PHOTOS OF KIM KARDASHIAN'S BABY BUMP WORTH LESS THAN YOU THINK: We told you earlier in the week that KRIS JENNER wasn't wasting any time taking the news of KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST'S baby-to-be straight to the bank. Rumor has it she's already negotiating a magazine cover to debut Kimmy's baby bump.

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The fact that Kris and Kim are doing everything they can to make money on the pregnancy isn't a surprise by any stretch of the imagination. What is shocking news is that exclusive photos of the bump apparently aren't worth as much as you would think! Word on the street is Kim will be getting somewhere around $300,000 for a featured tabloid cover.  

Speaking of celebrity babies ... Blue Ivy has been named the "Worst Celebrity Girls" name of 2012, according to a baby names website.


The site says 47 percent of voters felt that JAY-Z and BEYONCE'S choice for their daughter was that worst they’d seen last year. Lion, the name "Hawaii Five-0" actor ALEX O'LOUGHLIN gave his son, was voted the worst celebrity baby boy’s name of 2012.

BabyNames.com’s founder says she thinks there were fewer bad names to pick from in 2012 because “celebrities are becoming a little more sensitive to the fact that the child has to live with his or her name.”