SELENA GOMEZ REVEAL ON LETTERMAN SHE MADE JUSTIN BIEBER CRY: What do DAVID LETTERMAN and SELENA GOMEZ have in common regarding her old boyfriend JUSTIN BIEBER? They've both made him cry!

Last night on "The Late Show" Selena told  Letterman she too made the Biebs cry after Dave mentioned that the last time Beiber was on his show, he made him cry. Selena replied, quote, "Well then, that makes two of us." Maybe she was joking, but she did seem pleased with herself after she said it and the crowd responded positively.  She and Dave then fist-bumped about it.

Not surprisingly, Bieber fans went OFF on Selena. Here's a very small sampling of some of their Tweets ...

LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY OPTS FOR REHAB: After months of refusing to accept a plea deal, LINDSAY LOHAN gave in yesterday. Greeted with a glitter bomb as she walked into the California courthouse over 40 minutes late, the case took a surprising twist when Linds agreed to plead no contest to reckless driving and lying to the cops. The plea means Lindsay will spend 90 days in a locked down rehab facility.

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

In addition, she’ll perform 30 days of community labor and undergo psychotherapy for 18 months. During that time, she must stay clear of drugs and drug users, and she’ll be forced to submit to drug testing. She was also given a 5-day jail sentence on the reckless driving charge, but the residential rehab sentence will cancel it out and she won’t have to go to prison.

Lindsay also admitted to violating her probation in the jewelry heist case, which earned her a sentence of 180 days in jail, but that was stayed, which means she’ll be out of prison as long as she continues to obey all laws. The judge warned her that any slip up during this time period could be devastating and advised her “don’t drive.”

According to TMZ ... Lindsay did not agree to rehab because she all of a sudden realized she has a problem and needs help. Au contraire. She agreed to rehab because it was the lesser of the two evils. Better 90 days in a lockdown rehab than 90 days in jail. Lindsay, the gossip site says, "is still saying -- ADAMANTLY -- she does NOT have a substance abuse problem."

LINDSAY TO LAWYER, 'OH MY GOD, I'LL KILL YOU': After having already annoyed the judge in previous hearings, Lindsay's lawyer Mark Heller clearly got under her skin, too.

Even though Lindsay kept telling him not to keep standing up to speak, Heller would do so anyway. At one point, Lindsay whispered to him, quote, "Don't say anything else." Heller than stood up to make what he called "one final point", prompting Lindsay to mutter, quote, "Oh my God, I'll kill you."

Meanwhile ... TMZ reports Heller is being investigated for possible witness tampering. According to their sources, the Santa Monica City Attorney is launching an investigation into allegations Heller tried to manipulate Lindsay’s former assistant Gavin into lying on the stand.

Prosecutors believe Heller tried to talk Gavin into saying he was the one driving Lindsay’s Porsche when it crashed on the Pacific Coast Highway last summer. Heller insists any accusation of witness tampering is “crazy.”

CELEBRITY TMI - SOFIA VERGARA REVEALS BRA SIZE: SOFIA VERGARA is known for her assets as much as her accent. And those assets include her boobs. And perhaps at one time or another you've wondered just exactly how big Sofia is up there. Well, we finally have a definitive answer ... straight from the source of that breasty goodness.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Sofia tells Vogue she's an all-natural -- albeit saggy -- 32F, which makes getting dressed up a lot more of a production. "A normal girl will just put the dress on and leave," she says. "I need them to be like an armory."

My dresses are like a work of art inside," she adds, "because, you know, I am 40 years old, I had a baby, and I am a 32F. When [boobs] are fake, you take the bra off and they are still there, perfect! Me, no, so I have to bring them up!" I do hope she knows how much we appreciate the effort.

CHARLIE'S SHEEN-ANIGANS LEAD TO DENISE RICHARDS  BULLYING: CHARLIE SHEEN'S war with his daughter's old private school has escalated. Charlie posted another rant to Twitter yesterday, claiming that his ex-wife DENISE RICHARDS and their children have now been targeted by the school's "spineless" supporters "with bullying tactics as a response to my call to arms."


He added "Leave them alone. This is not a threat but a promise that justice will be served. I'm not hiding. You are. Show yourselves, you spineless cowards. Oh that's right; cockroaches scatter in the light." Charlie later told TMZ the rant was in response to a couple of Viewpoint School supporters leaving a threatening note and a knife jammed into a tree outside his ex-wife's home. Charlie says two people were captured on surveillance tape committing the deed and that he's contacted police.

This comes after Charlie urged his fans to deface Viewpoint with dog feces, rotten eggs and toilet paper because his nine-year-old daughter Sam was allegedly bullied at the school. Charlie now says that call to arms was meant to be "metaphoric."