RIHANNA 'STILL' LOVES CHRIS BROWN: RIHANNA'S interview with OPRAH WINFREY aired last night, and naturally everyone who didn't watch it wants to know what she said about CHRIS BROWN, and how they're getting along these days.

In a nutshell: Rihanna still loves him, and, yes, they are friends again. She said, quote, "We're very, very close friends. We built a trust again and that's it. We love each other and we probably always will." And while she said she and Chris are NOT back together, she did say that her "stomach drops" whenever she sees him, adding, quote, "I think he was the love of my life."

DID JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND JESSICA BIEL WED IN SECRET???!!!: An Internet gossip columnist named Janet Charlton is claiming that JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JESSICA BIEL "pulled a fast one on everybody" and got married on the DL in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, over the weekend. So far, she's the only one on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Gossip making the claim, so ... who knows. Could be true, could be crap.

WELL, HOW ABOUT JENNIFER ANISTONA AND JUSTIN THEROUX THEN???:JUSTIN THEROUX stepped out in New York City with a ring on 'that' finger over the weekend leading EOnline to wonder if he and JENNIFER ANISTON slipped off and made THE BIG MISTAKE without our permission.

I've peeped the (PHOTO) and I can tell you without a doubt that is NOT a wedding ring. That's the "name" ring he and Jen have been wearing off and on for months.

KRISTEN STEWART LIVING RED BULL AND CIGS: Everyone seems to be loving stories about how KRISTEN STEWART is wallowing in loneliness, guilt and self-hatred after confirming reports she was cheating on ROBERT PATTINSON. So here's another one ...

The "National Enquirer" is reporting that KRISTEN STEWART is hiding out at the L.A. home of a producer friend, subsisting on a diet of "cigarettes, sugar-free Red Bull, and potato chips." According to their source, she's looking pale (how can they tell?) and worn out. "Kristen is grief-stricken and has hit rock-bottom. She's refusing any kind of help, including therapy" because, quote, "part of her just doesn't want to feel better."

HOPE SOLO CLAIMS 'DANCING' PARTNER MAKSIM SLAPPED HER IN THE FACE: Olympic soccer star, and Season 13 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant HOPE SOLO put her 'Dancing' partner on blast in her new book, "Solo: A Memoir of Hope."

Hope claims MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY actually slapped her across the face during rehearsals. "He wanted my head in a specific position," she wrote. "To achieve that, he slapped me across the face. Hard." But wait, there's more! Hope also claims Maks "manhandled me in rehearsals from the start, pushing me, whacking my stomach, bending my arms roughly."

Hope claims she didn't say anything at the time because she didn't want to "end his career." No word on why then she's included the accusations in her book.

IN DENIAL - MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY:Maksim, who has a reputation of being the hard-ass on "Dancing With the Stars," hit up Twitter and posted a message that didn't mention Hope by name, but it definitely seemed to be aimed at her. "Always hated hypocrites and liars," he wrote. "But when someone is both AND an opportunist, I just feel bad for them. Can't win at someone's expense."

SNAPSHOT: LINDSAY LOHAN wore a really loose, backless "shirt" that exposed some major side-boob. What do yo think, Super hot or Oh, So Not?: (PHOTO)