RIHANNA NO LONGER FOLLOWING CHRIS BROWN ON TWITTER AFTER HE SUPPOSEDLY DISSES HER!!!: RIHANNA may finally have washed her hands of CHRIS BROWN after she stopped following him on Twitter yesterday. She dropped him almost immediately after he released a song remix which contains a verse that some -- including Rihanna -- speculate is aimed at her. After Rihanna unfollowed him, Chris stopped following HER and tweeted, quote, "Assumptions! I didn't say any names so if u took offense to it then it's something you feel guilty about."

Was Chris dissing RiRi? We Report, You Decide! You can listen to the song here. BUT I MUST WARN YOU!!! It's loaded with unbleeped profanity.

TRAVOLTA’S FLIGHT PLAN PROVES HE WAS IN NY AT TIME OF ALLEGED MASSEUSE INCIDENT: JOHN TRAVOLTA'S lawyer sure is making a strong case for the actor being innocent of sexually assaulting at least one of his masseuse accusers. Travolta insists he wasn’t even in Los Angeles on January 16th, the day John Doe #1 claims he was groped by him, and he has flight records to prove it. Documents show Travolta’s jet took off from Los Angeles at 8:21 pm on January 15th, and landed in Westchester Country, NY at 4 am on the 16th.

The flight records, along with a photo of John at a wardrobe fitting in New York, and a receipt from Mr. Chow prove he couldn’t have assaulted the masseuse. In addition, a costume designer from a movie he was filming at the time told TMZ she and four other people were with him in his suite at the Greenwich Hotel on the afternoon of January 16th. Meanwhile, John Doe #2 may have a hard time getting anyone to back up his story. Radaronline reports that employees at the Atlanta Resort where the incident allegedly occurred are being told they’ll be fired if they talk to the media.

THEN AND NOW - 'LARK' FROM 'SAVED BY THE BELL': Remember Lisa Turtle from "Saved By the Bell"? She was played by LARK VOORHIES, who's 38 years old now -- and looking, well, interesting.

Lark showed off her current look in Yahoo video interview. Here's a screen-grab of her. I'm not sure what's going on here. Maybe a bad tan job? Bad lighting?


BABY POOP - INTRODUCING BRUCE WILLIS' NEW BABY: BRUCE WILLIS new daughter has made her Twitter debut!!! His wife Emma Heming-Willis tweeted the first photo of six-week-old Mabel Ray yesterday. “A beautiful day in Budapest with the loves of my life," Emma captioned the tweet. "Daddy and Mabel cracking each other up."

IN DENIAL - JOHNNY DEPP: JOHNNY DEPP has hit back at rumors he and longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis have split up. At the London premiere of his movie Dark Shadows (opening today), Depp denied the reports in no uncertain terms. Quote: “The rumors are not true. They are absolutely not true. I can’t say enough about it not being over.”

CELEBRITIES REVEAL THE MOMENT THEY KNEW THEY WERE A MOM: Some celebrity moms were asked about the moment when they realized, "Yep ... I'm a mom."

--JENNIE GARTH said she knew she was a mom when she started leaving the house with baby vomit on her clothes and would just keep going.

--KELLY RIPA said she knew when she would show up to work with all sorts of bodily fluids on her sweater and would just keep working.

--REBBECA ROMIJN said that she knew the second she held her little baby in her arms.