RIHANNA AND CHRIS BROWN - IS IT ON OR OFF?: Uh-oh, it looks like there could be trouble in paradise. The British tabloid Daily Mail is reporting “exclusively” that the on-again off-again romance between CHRIS BROWN and RIHANNA could be off again. Days after snuggling up on each other at the Grammy Awards, Brown and Rihanna spent Wednesday night pretty much ignoring each other. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

According to their source, the couple arrived at the Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles separately, refused to acknowledge one another all night, and then left without each other at the end of the night. Word is when a club host asked RiRi if she would like to be seated in the same VIP area as Chris, she said no and “demanded to be put somewhere else.”

Meanwhile ... We know what Rihanna got for Valentine's Day -- high! RiRi Tweeted this pic of a marijuana bud and the caption "Roses are green! Somebody knows how to make me happy"


KRIS HUMPHRIES GETS DUMPED AGAIN - THIS TIME BY HIS DIVORCE LAWYER: LINDSAY LOHAN isn't the only celebrity getting dumped by their lawyer. KRIS HUMPHRIES' California lawyer just quit him too. In court documents filed yesterday, Marshall Waller says there's been a, quote, "irremediable breakdown of the attorney-client relationship" and because of that he wants off the case. Waller says he's tried to talk to Kris and his out-of-stat attorney Lee Hutton about his objections, but they won't listen.

Sources supposedly "connected with Kris" tell TMZ Waller's "objections" is his belief that Kris does not have legal grounds for an annulment because there isn't any evidence of fraud whatsoever. Kris's divorce from KIM KARDASHIAN has been going on for a year and a half

MADONNA SHOWS US HER PICS: MADONNA continues to over share on Instagram. Now it's a blurry picture of her nearly-naked butt ...


IN DENIAL - JENNIFER LOPEZ: JENNIFER LOPEZ is denying a National Enquirer story that claims she and boyfriend Casper Smart want to adopt a baby but her mother disapproves. According to the tab, Casper, is anxious to adopt a child from Mexico with the 43-year-old J.Lo.

Her mother Guadalupe, however, is vehemently opposed to the idea. “Guadalupe is livid,” claims a source. “She doesn’t approve of Casper and is afraid his bond with Jennifer would be strengthened if they adopted a kid together.” A rep for J.Lo calls the report “inaccurate.” Hmmm. That's not exactly a denial, is it?

MARIAH CAREY SHOWS US HER (VALENTINES DAY) PICS: MARIAH CAREY'S Valentine's Day included lots and lots of balloons, and a horse-drawn carriage ride through the winding trails of Central Park.


We know this because MiMi Tweeted out pics chronicling her night of romance. The first one, captioned "Ready!!!!", shows Mariah and hubby NICK CANNON all dressed up posing next to a balloon bouquet. That was followed by a pic of the two doing the buggy ride thing and the caption, "A kiss delicately scented with horse dung.... Still romantic though."