REESE WITHERSPOON GETS CRAZY EXPENSIVE HAIRCUT: How much did your last haircut cost? 15 bucks? 50? Heck, even a hundred dollars is nothing compared to what REESE WITHERSPOON shelled out.

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On Saturday, Reese went to the Rossano Ferretti Salon in Beverly Hills, where word on the street is she got her hair did for a mere $1,500. Whaaa!!!??? The haircut, called the Ferretti Technique, costs that much because each strand of hair is cut individually “with sensibility and care…to achieve… a haircut that is like a work of art." Reese was also given the “privilege” of meeting Mr. Ferretti himself – an honor reserved for only the most famous of the salon’s celeb clients.

Here are a couple of shots of Reese walking out of the high-end salon. What do you think, worth every penny or someone has too much money? (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

MILEY CYRUS NUDE!: MILEY CYRUS has done did it. After prancing around town in loose fitting t-shirts that showed off her side-boob countless of times, and wearing tiny shorts that left little to the imagination, girlfriend has gone full nude … for charity.

Miley got nekkid for a Marc Jacobs T-shirt which is part of a campaign promoting awareness for melanoma research, called Protect the Skin You're In. Sadly, those words are strategically placed to cover up Miley's chesticles, and she uses her hands to hide her lower lady bits.

TODAY IN AMANDA BYNES - CONSERVATORSHIP DENIED ... FOR NOW: The crazy can continue, at least for a little while. A judge in California has denied a petition from AMANDA BYNES' parents to grant them a conservatorship over her affairs. The judge said he needs more information and didn’t believe he had to rush things because Amanda will be in psychiatric care for two more weeks.

In their court documents, her parents say Amanda is paranoid and delusional, so much so that she disconnects smoke alarms wherever she goes because she thinks people are watching her. They also addressed her obsession with the idea that she and others are "ugly", and said she constantly talks about plastic surgeries she wants to have.

And they say she's burning through money at an alarming rate. They allege she's gone through $1.2 million of her estimated $4 million savings in a very short time, adding "we believe [the] money is being used to pay for marijuana and other illegal substances, and possibly for plastic surgery." Finally, court docs show they believe Amanda is, quote, "essentially homeless." Another hearing on her parents’ conservatorship is set for August 9th.

Meanwhile ... Amanda isn't homeless at least for the next two weeks -- her doctors got the judge to extend her psychiatric hold. But word is Amanda wants OUT and will be asking for an early release at a hearing this week. Amanda had originally planned to fight the two-week psych hold extension, but cancelled the hearing she had requested Friday. According to TMZ, she wants to wait until her medications kick in before making her case to the judge. A hearing on her request is set for August 1st.

LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY HEADED TO LONDON POST REHAB: After LINDSAY LOHAN leaves rehab, she's leaving the country. TMZ says a friend offered to take her to London as a gift for, quote, "a job well done in rehab," and she leaped at the opportunity. Lindsay reportedly believes the overseas trip will give her some privacy during her post-rehab days. She's already booked a one-way ticket but has no return date set. She has time before her OWN docu-series is set to begin filming later this year, and if she's smart she'll be back in time. One person you don't want to stand up is OPRAH!

KELLY CLARKSON SHOWS US HER (ENGAGEMENT)PICS: KELLY CLARKSON shared one of her engagement pictures via Twitter. No word if this is the actual wedding dress she plans to walk down the aisle in. Either way, you like?


CELEBRITY COURT - NENE LEAKES SUED BY WEDDING PLANNER: Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NENE LEAKES is being sued by her wedding planner. NeNe and her ex-husband Gregg remarried in June, in a lavish affair that will be turned into a reality show for Bravo. Tiffany Cook of Dream Design Weddings claims NeNe promised to pay her 15% of the wedding budget, but only gave her an $18,000 down payment and never paid the rest. She is asking for $2.5 million.

NeNe, clearly upset by the allegations, followed that Tweet with ... “What wedding planner get a million $ 2 plan a wedding! We n the wrong business! Please show me a contract I sign! Show me a check I wrote u” and "U really wanna do this, let's go." A rep for NeNe says her wedding planner was Tony Conway, and that Cook’s company was fired very early in the wedding planning process. Nene is planning to countersue for defamation.

IN DENIAL - JENNIFER ANISTON ADDRESSES CANCELLED WEDDING RUMORS: JENNIFER ANISTON  has finally addressed the many rumors that claimed she and fiancé Justin Theroux had cancelled their wedding plans. Jennifer told the Associated Press over the weekend she's in no rush to marry boyfriend Justin Theroux because they "already feel married" adding  she'll walk down the aisle when "when it's perfect."

Justin popped the question last August after the two had been dating for a year and a half. Jen says, "We have yet to set any dates. There have been no canceled weddings. There have been no postponed weddings. There have been no arguments about where to get married. Just clearing that all up."

IN DENIAL - BLAKE SHELTON DID NOT ALMOST DIE OF A HEART ATTACK: The "National Enquirer" had a story last week saying BLAKE SHELTON suffered a "heart scare" after a gluttonous night of partying and that MIRANDA LAMBERT had to crack the whip and tell him to "shape up." They quoted a so-called source who said, "Blake went to bed after a wild night of downing tequila, beer and tubs of fried chicken and woke up in the middle of the night with searing pain shooting from his chest through his arms.

"He was gasping for air for a few minutes before he finally pulled himself together." The source said the pain eventually went away and Blake figured out that it was just heartburn. That's why he didn't go to the hospital.

Pretty much everyone is calling B.S. on this. His rep has officially denied it happened and Blake himself shot it down on Twitter ...

MAZEL TOV!: Goo Goo Dolls lead singer JOHN RZEZNIK married longtime girlfriend
Melina Gallo on Friday. The couple has been together since 2005. The 47-year old Doll told Us Weekly, “We’ve been together a while and I’m not going anywhere and we’d like to start a family. I’d prefer to be married before I have kids.” This is Rzeznik’s second walk down the aisle and first for Gallo.