RIHANNA - HALF NAKED AND GETTING FREAKY: Photos of RIHANNA'S barely-covered backside have hit the web!!! Or as I call them: My screen saver. Hi-Yo!!!

RIHANNA was in her native Barbados yesterday to get her rum drink on and celebrate something called Kadooment Day, which culminates with a huge parade ...

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WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE ... looking very much like a KIM KARDASHIAN doppelgänger? Scroll down to the "bottom" for the answer ...

IN DENIAL - AMY WINEHOUSE WAS NOT ADOPTING: Despite rumors, AMY WINEHOUSE was NOT planning to adopt a young girl from St. Lucia before she died.

The Sunday "Mirror" printed an interview with the girl and her grandmother, who both claimed Amy had begun the adoption process, but Amy's rep is denying the story, saying it is "not true" and adding, "I think (Amy) might have met her in St. Lucia, but she was in no way about to adopt her."

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THE BACHELORETTE - ASHLEY PICKS HER MAN: ASHLEY HEBERT made her decision on last night's season finale of “The Bachelorette” … and the winner is … JP Rosenbaum!!! Prior to climatic proposal, we met the families of JP and Ben, and had two final dates before JP arrived via seaplane to propose. He dropped to one knee, she said yes, and we got a montage of their romantic journey to the tune of REO Speedwagon's "I Can't Fight This Feeling."

Just before that, Ben got off a seaplane and dropped to one knee to propose. Ashley pulled him up and cried, saying "I'm sorry." A blind sided Ben said, "Wow. I didn't see this coming," and stormed off.

As for Ashley and JP’s future together … here's what they had to say on the "After the Rose" special: Ashley said, quote, "Should be done [with dental school] in about a month. And I'm moving to New York City. We're getting a place together." J.P. added, quote, "Once things are a little more stable, we'll start talking about wedding plans." They did not reveal, however, when they plan to break up. Ooooo, burn!! No, YOU shut up!!!


JENNIFER ANISTON AND BOYFRIEND TAKE VACATION HE HAD PLANNED TO TAKE WITH THE EX: JENNIFER ANISTON and boyfriend Justin Theroux were spotted arriving in Hawaii Monday for a little R&R.

According to Usmagazine's website, Theroux had planned to spend some time in the tropical paradise this summer, only originally it was going to be with his ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens. The report states Bivens told some friends that she and Justin had planned to go to Kauai over the summer. Instead, he dumped her for Jen.

COVER SHOT: JENNIFER LOPEZ is September’s “Vanity Fair” cover girl. According to insiders, a key condition of getting her first VF cover since 2001 was talking about the breakup of her marriage to MARC ANTHONY. Hit up the Popcrush link below the cover pic for details.

Jennifer Lopez Says She ‘Really Worked Hard’ at Marriage But Had to ‘Walk Away’

 SO WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE ... Did you guess former "Ghost Whisperer" JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT???