WHITNEY HOUSTON - THE LATEST: Although early reports suggested WHITNEY HOUSTON may have drowned in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Saturday, TMZ reports that the coroner's office has informed Whitney's family that there wasn't enough water in Whitney's lungs to suggest she drowned. Instead it is believed Houston died from a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol.

2. Whitney's body was released to her family yesterday and was transported to the East Coast on Tyler Perry's private jet. That's actually its name: "Tyler Perry's Private Jet". It took off from "Tyler Perry's Private Runway" and is sitting in "Tyler Perry's Private Hanger". What, too soon? But it's a Tyler Perry slam not a Whitney Houston slam!

So far there's been no confirmation regarding funeral arrangements for Whitney, although TMZ claims it will happen in New Jersey later this week. Here's a photo of  the hearse carrying Houston's body arriving at the New Jersey funeral home handling the arragements ...  

3.  Photos of the room where Whitney died have leaked online and show remnants of her final meal. TMZ has also posted a photo of the "death tub" , which shows the tub stilled filled with water, and a gravy dish and towel at the bottom of the tub. (--Whitney typically filled the gravy dish with olive oil to keep her skin soft.)

4. Check out the chaos that went down at LAX after BOBBY BROWN landed there Sunday night to be with his daughter. Brown navigated the sea of photogs without uttering a word. Although he did release a statement yesterday confirming reports Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized following her mother’s death.

5. We asked yesterday if Bobby deserved all the blame he was getting on the internet for Whitney's death, and here's what you had to say.

LADY GAGA - NAKED AND WRAPPED IN PLASTIC: A photo of LADY GAGA naked and wrapped in clear, see-through plastic -- a shower curtain, perhaps? -- has hit the Net.

The image is supposedly to promote her tour which kicks off this April in South Korea. Scummy or Yummy? Discuss.

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - ARE KIM KARDASHIAN, REGGIE BUSH BACK TOGETHER???!!!: KIM KARDASHIAN might not be single this Valentine's Day. Word has it she reunited with ex-boyfriend REGGIE BUSH at the Beverly Hills Hotel last weekend. Eyewitnesses tell TMZ they were "smiling and laughing during the lunch date, and played it cool when fans approached them for pictures and autographs." The two have been spending a lot of time together recently, but the gossip blog says it's unclear if it's "a full-on reconciliation."

RUMOR FIX - TIM TEBOW AND KATY PERRY NOT GONNA HAPPEN: Remember when TIM TEBOW was the ish and the hot rumor was that KATY PERRY'S parents were trying to set them up? Well, if you were holding out hope it would happen you can forget about it now.  Tebow was asked by one of the school kids he was speaking to yesterday at the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in south Los Angeles where he was promoting books and reading if he "has a thing" with Katy. EOnline says Tim laughed and told them no. And you know Tebow wouldn't lie.

COVERSHOT: ADELE is on the cover of March's Vogue magazine, her first time to ever grace the fashion bible's cover ...

Many on the blogosphere are accusing Vogue of Photoshopping her to look thinner. What say you, Yes or No? Put me down for not just 'yes', but 'HELL, YES!'

MILEY SHOWS US HER TWEETS: MILEY CYRUS cut her hair into a bob. She posted a picture of herself on Twitter along with the caption, "Got ANOTHER hair cut! You likey?!" Apparently, her followers didn't because she then Tweeted, quote, "All y'all are saying its soooo short! Only cut about an inch & a half off tonight! In total about 5 inches!!!"

BABY POOP: Here's an amusing photo of DAVID and VICTORIA BECKHAM'S daughter Harper sticking her tongue out at the paparazzi ...

'DANCING WITH THE STARS' CAST RUMORS: ABC won't reveal the next "Dancing with the Stars" cast for two more weeks, but that hasn't stopped the bi-annual speculation. Here are the latest names that are being rumored by various sources: REGIS PHILBIN, PAULA DEEN, "Jersey Shore's" JWOWW, PEE-WEE HERMAN, E! News co-host Giuliana Rancic, and singer GAVIN DEGRAW.