ASHTON KUTCHER HAS A BIG ONE: ASHTON KUTCHER is already getting the star treatment on the set of "Two and a Half Men". TMZ posted pictures of his massive trailer yesterday.

The trailer, which is that two stories, with satellite TV and "pop out" sections that makes it even bigger, is so "over the top" those still loyal to CHARLIE SHEEN tell the gossip site it makes Kutcher look like a diva.

ROMANCE REPORT - RUMER WILLIS AND ZAC EFRON???!!!: Until we get confirmation or at the very least photographic evidence, you can file the talk of a romance between ZAC EFRON and RUMER WILLIS under could-be-true-could-be-crap.

"In Touch Weekly" claims Rumer recently brought Zac home to meet her mom, DEMI MOORE. A source says, quote, "Zac brought Demi flowers. She was super-polite and they got along well."

KIM KARDASHIAN'S MAN IS A MOMMA'S BOY: KIM KARDASHIAN may be considered one of the hottest women on the planet, but she's not as hot as another woman in fiance Kris Humphries' life.

Asked in front of his future wife if he was with the most beautiful woman in the world, the baller said no. Asked who that would be then, Kris replied his mom. Awww, how ... sweet?


LINDSAY CAUGHT TRIPPING AND FALLING AGAIN: For the second straight weekend, LINDSAY LOHAN was spotted out with former BFF PARIS HILTON. And for the second straight week, Lindsay was photographed tripping and falling down. Trying to stay ahead of the inevitable rumor-mongering, Linds sent out a tweet saying “oh my god, i’m so embarrassed, paparazzi just blinded me with flashes again, as i was going to dinner. they pushed me and i tripped” How is it she's the only celebrity who constantly gets so blinded by the flashes that she trips and falls?

CRYSTAL HARRIS SORT OF APOLOGIZES FOR DISSING HEF: First Crystal Harris jilted HUGH HEFNER, then she dissed his ability to please a woman. Now she's kind of, sort of apologizing.

Harris tweeted, "I was unprepared and blurted out things I shouldn't have said, I'm sorry." Since Crystal didn't exactly take any of what she said back, Hef continued defending his manhood. He tweeted, quote, "For the record, I have sex on a weekly basis. And I did throughout my two-and-a-half years with Crystal." Then he twisted the knife more by adding, quote, "My sex life involves more than one partner and has since the end of my marriage in 1998."


BACHELORETTE SPOILER ALERT!!! BACHELORETTE DUPED BY HER MAN: It doesn't sound like Ashley Hebert is going to have a happy ending after tonight's season finale of “The Bachelorette” because according to OK! Magazine, the guy Ashley chooses proposes, but it's all for the cameras.

"The word is that the guy was just using her to be famous," a source tells the tab. "Apparently, he accepted the rose and gave her the engagement ring, but then as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, he did a total 180." Ashley is understandably embarrassed by what happened. Said the so-called insider, "She's been pretty much beside herself."