HAS DEMI MOORE REBOUNDED WITH A NEW MAN???!!!: Apparently, DEMI MOORE isn't sitting at home sulking over ASHTON KUTCHER. According to the gossip site Radar Online, Demi is soothing her pain with hairdresser-to-the-stars Scott-Vincent Borba.

A friend of Demi's says of Borba, "He's really been there for her by her side through the whole Ashton thing. He's head over heels for Demi and there's definitely potential for a lasting relationship between them." When asked about the alleged relationship, Borba said, quote, "I do not comment on my personal life."

Here's the guy Radar Online expects us to believe Demi is shagging. Pardon me if I'm not convinced ...

IN DENIAL - KRIS HUMPHRIES: A rep for KRIS HUMPHRIES is denying "Star" magazine's claim that one of the reasons KIM KARDASHIAN pulled the plug on their marriage is because she suspected he may be gay!!!

The tab claims that after they got married, Kris had no interest in sharing down there parts with Kim. Kris' rep calls the story "completely false and ridiculous." Adding, "[Kris] is not gay."

UPDATE - KRIS FILES FOR ANNULMENT: KRIS HUMPHRIES has officially filed for both a legal separation and a nullification of his marriage to KIM KARDASHIAN. He filed for both so that if he's not granted the annulment, he at least gets the separation. For the separation, he cited irreconcilable differences, and for the annulment, he's claiming fraud, just as we heard he would. Humphries asks that Kim pay his legal fees as well.

On a related Kardashian note ... Australia's Immigration Department has put Kim on their "Watch List" after her most recent trip Down Under claiming she has a history of misrepresenting her business trips.

The day after she filed for divorce from Kris, Kim flew to Australia on a tourist visa, but she was actually there to work and promote her family's handbag collection. And this isn't the first time she's pulled this move. In 2007 and 2010 she traveled down under on a tourist visa when she was actually working.

RYAN REYNOLDS + BLAKE LIVELY = A JEALOUS SCARLETT JOHANSSON: Judging from the paparazzi pictures we've seen lately, RYAN REYNOLDS seems happy with BLAKE LIVELY. And according to "Us Weekly", that's making his ex-wife SCARLETT JOHANSSON extremely angry . . . even though she's the one who dumped HIM.

Their source says ScarJo is, quote, "pissed that he's not under her spell anymore. She realized what a great catch Ryan was." But it may have been Scarlett who ruined it for herself by dating SEAN PENN earlier this year. The source adds that "Ryan would have gotten back with her [had she not] flaunted Sean right after their split."

BEFORE AND AFTER - LACY SCHWIMMER: Dancing with the Stars pro LACEY SCHWIMMER got a new job recently ... a boob job, that is!!! According to "Us Weekly", Lacey went under the knife before the latest season of 'Dancing' and has gone from a size B to a size D ...

SEXY CELEBRITY PHOTO: Holy crap! MARIO LOPEZ is HOT!!! Check him out in this full-on, tighty-whitey bulge-action ad for his new line of underwear. Mommy likes! ...

IN DENIAL - KATY PERRY: KATY PERRY is NOT looking to get a divorce despite those pesky gossip site and tabloid writers say. Perry, who logged onto Twitter earlier this week to deny rumors that she was pregnant, sent another message yesterday to quash whispers that she was splitting from RUSSELL BRAND.  "First I'm pregnant and then I'm divorced," Katy wrote. "What am I, All My Children?!"

Last week, Katy and Russell showed their solidarity by getting tattooed together. Katy got a smiling peppermint candy on her foot, and Russell got the symbol of his favorite soccer team on his forearm ...