NANCY GRACE'S BOOBS MAKE 'DANCING WITH THE STARS' DEBUT: NANCY GRACE had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on "Dancing with the Stars" last night when her quickstep performance jarred one of the girls loose!!!

The nip-slip happened about 34 seconds in, but because the TV camera cut away so fast, it was impossible to see it in real time. I'm going to give you the link to UNCENSORED version of the above pic, but before you hit it up, please click THIS LINK FIRST. Ok, now that you've been thouroughly warned, here's the UNCENSORED pic.

Was It Caused By Good Luck Charms from Her Kids? ... Nancy's chest was getting quite a workout during her quickstep, but there could be another explanation for the wardrobe malfunction: The fact that she stuffs her bra.

Nancy's three-year-old twins, you see, have been sending her "special" objects as good luck charms. Things like a barrette and a little stone, and according to TMZ Nancy keeps these things with her as she's dancing, but since the dresses don't have any pockets she stuffs them in her bra.

DID JESSE JAMES CHEAT ON KAT VON D TOO???: Well, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Radaronline reports KAT VON D ended things with JESSE JAMES for good because he cheated on her.

A woman who goes by LisaJa posted a rant on a website where people can put the cheater in their life on blast, claiming she had a fling with Jesse after he and Kat called off their engagement in July, and also after they reunited.

“Why don't you finally be a man and tell everyone why Kat dumped you this time?,” she wrote. “Is it because you lied to her and said that you didn't see anyone while you two were ‘on a break.’

She then added, "You're beyond an a**hole, you're a sick predator who doesn't respect women."

AND DID HE GIVE THE WOMAN AN STD???!!!: The woman also seems to suggest Jesse gave her an STD. She writes, quote, "Oh by the way, thanks for the parting gift you left me . . . that's the ONLY REASON why I'm not telling the world exactly who I am but you most certainly know."

So did Jesse give her an STD or did he knock her up??? We may never know. You can read the entire post HERE.


WE REPORT YOU DECIDE - HEATHER LOCKLEAR IN A BIKINI: HEATHER LOCKLEAR turned 50 Sunday and showed off what she's still got while on vacation in Hawaii with fiancé JACK WAGNER ...

Heather Locklear in a bikini: Yes or No? We Report, You Decide

'DANCING' UPDATE - RICKI RULES, BONO BUNGLES: On last night's "Dancing With the Stars", the 11 remaining celebrities took on jives and quick-steps with RICKI LAKE's jive getting the top score of the night -- a 23 out of a possible 30.

CHAZ BONO danced a quickstep that Judge LEN GOODMAN called slower than a car-wash conveyor. Chaz scored 17 points, the lowest of the night.


LINK- A LIST OF ALL THE FOODS BRAD PITT HAS EATEN IN HIS MOVIES: If you watch a lot of BRAD PITT movies, then you may have noticed food is one of his favorite props. New York" magazine did and put together a list of all the foods Brad has eaten in his various movies.

WATCH: CHRIS BROWN slipped and fell during his show in Indianapolis Sunday night ...

ON THIS DAY IN TABLOID HISTORY: On this day in 2008 ... HEATHER LOCKLEAR is arrested in Santa Barbara, California on suspicion of driving while impaired. Locklear was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer after a resident reported seeing her leaving a parking lot and "driving erratically."