MILEY MADNESS - ENGAGEMENT OFF: It's official, MILEY CYRUS and LIAM HEMSWORTH are finished. Reps for both confirmed it to People magazine yesterday. Neither addressed why, but there are rumors that Liam was cheating, and that he was fed up with Miley's new image and attitude. Meanwhile, source tells E! News the breakup was "Miley's decision, after coming to grips with Liam what she believed was less than faithful to her."

HAS LIAM ALREADY MOVED ON?: Miley who? Liam Hemsworth has wasted no time getting back into the singles scene. The Hunger Games star was spotted canoodling with Mexican actress and singer Eiza González in Las Vegas Sunday night, the day after he attended the Mayweather fight solo. According to TMZ, "They drank...he smoked...they flirted...they were thisclose...and people in the club said they never left each others side before leaving the joint together at 2 am." (PHOTO) (PHOTO)


IS SOFIA VERGARA IS UN-ENGAGED AGAIN?: After getting engaged last year on her 40th birthday, SOFIA VERGARA and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Nick Loeb are supposedly off again. London's Daily Mail says the two got into a big fight at a party last week in the Hamptons. "She said she is fed up with his wandering eye," the source is quoted as saying. "They have split up before because of rumors of him cheating and she had heard from a close friend that he had cheated again." Seriously, dude? You would cheat on THIS, THIS, and THIS?!

Who Says

If they did split up it must have been temporary because Vergara showed up for work yesterday (Monday) still wearing her engagement ring. (PHOTO)

Missing, however, was her usual  upbeat personality. The Daily Mail says she rarely cracked a smile between takes, and did not joke around with others as is her usual routine.

LAMAR ODOM WANTS TO END MARRIAGE: LAMAR ODOM apparently wants to bounce. People magazine reports the baller -- rumored to be battling a crack addiction -- hasn't spoken with wifey KHLOE KARDASHIAN in days, and is more than okay with them living apart. In fact, sources tell the tab the couple’s marriage is likely headed towards divorce and that it’s Lamar who wants to end things. “The whole situation is so sad,” says the unidentified friend. “She wants to save her marriage, but Lamar doesn’t and he’s not in his right mind to do so, so what can Khloe do?”

RIHANNA SHOWS US HER (BARE-FACED) PICS: RiRi hit up Instagram with a bare-faced photo of herself, and it’s quite evident girlfriend does not need the help of makeup to look beautiful.


KATY PERRY obviously thinks the same of her BFF ... and said as much in an interview with Elle Canada. Only it came off  as more of a backhanded compliment because Katy also managed to call her out for her love of social media and the evil devil weed. Said Katy, "I think Rihanna always looks so fresh and I'm like, 'How do you do that? We all know how much pot you smoke!' And you don't sleep because you're on Instagram at 4 o'clock in the morning!"

THE LOHAN’S ALCOHOL FREE BIRTHDAY: DINA LOHAN turned 51 on Sunday, and she celebrated with LINDSAY and her three other kids. What she DIDN'T celebrate with was alcohol.


The entire Lohan family, with the exception of Michael, of course (they’re not in a good place), got together at a restaurant that serves booze and nobody had any. Sources say “they ordered Diet Cokes, waters, Shirley Temples and cherry sodas all night." Not surprising, since Dina just got a DUI last week.Speaking of which, have you seen this? Her recent mug shot completes the Lohan Family Album!