YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT MICHAEL DOUGLAS SAYS CAUSED HIS CANCER: In a new interview with the Guardian UK, MICHAEL DOUGLAS reveals he got throat cancer from -- oh, how can I say this ... from performing on a woman's nether region.

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When asked if he regretted his years of smoking and drinking, Douglas told the paper, “No. Because without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV [human papillomavirus], which actually comes about from cunnilingus.” Douglas was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, but has been cancer free for over two years.

IS THIS PHOTO BEYONCE'S WAY OF DISMISSING BABY RUMORS?:  BEYONCÉ posted this picture of herself drinking a glass of wine on her website ...

This may or may not be her way of denying all the pregnancy rumors -- a quick search on WebMD reveals that most doctors are okay with a pregnant woman having a glass of wine every now and again.

ANGELINA JOLIE MAKES FIRST PUBLIC APPEARANCE SINCE DOUBLE MASTECTOMY: ANGELINA JOLIE appeared in public for the first time since she announced that she's had a double mastectomy. It was at the premiere for "World War Z", Brad Pitt's new zombie movie.

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TODAY IN STRANGE AMANDA BYNES BEHAVIOR: Here's a quick rundown on the latest craziness surrounding Amanda Bynes -- she just got a nosejob, already wants another one, is now homeless, and is insulting her family online

, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't moved back in with her parents. Sunday, the former child star directed her "ugly" insults at her family. Here's what she wrote:

Meanwhile ... TMZ says Bynes followed through on her promise to get her nose fixed after seeing it in
her mug shot, and she tells the gossip sit she already wants to get another procedure. She added that once her nose “doesn’t look so awful in photos,” she plans to stop hiding from the paparazzi.

KIM AND KANYE ARE HAVING A GIRL: KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST are expecting a girl. The baby's gender was revealed last night on her TV show, of course. There was a TMI moment during the ultrasound when the doctor said he didn't see a penis and Kim said he would definitely see one if it was a boy, because it would take after Kanye.

Kim and kompany celebrated the baby-on-the-way yesterday with a baby shower that took place at the same California home where KHLOE married LAMAR ODOM. The whole thing was ... wait for it ... filmed for a future episode. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

BABY POOP - CHANNING TATUM'S A DAD: Congratulations CHANNING TATUM. His wife of four years, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, gave birth to the couple's first child, a girl. Her name is not yet known.

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CHRISTINA AGUILERA'S PRICEY DIET: CHRISTINA AGUILERA took a season off The Voice to work on her music, and lose some weight. Us Weekly says her secret is something called the Fresh Diet, which is a home food delivery service that is, well, super expensive. The gourmet healthy meals cost $1,394.69 per month! She's also spending big bucks on a celebrity trainer. Being star skinny is a lot of work, y'all.

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TODAY IN CELEBRITY WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS: MARIAH CAREY was either unaware or didn't care that her nip was showing when she Tweeted out this pic …


R.I.P: JEAN STAPLETON, best known for her role as Edith Bunker on "All in the Family", passed away on Friday of natural causes. She was 90. Jean's last significant role was the 1998 MEG RYAN movie "You've Got Mail"

BRUNO MARS' MOTHER PASSED AWAY: Condolences to BRUNO MARS whose mother, Bernadette Hernandez, died Saturday as a result of a brain aneurysm. She was 55. No word on how, or if, her passing will affect Bruno's world tour scheduled to begin June 22 in Washington, DC.

CELEBRITY YEARBOOK: We continue to explore what some of today's big stars looked like in their yearbook photos. Today's featured celebs are OWEN WILSON and DENNIS QUAID ...

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