BABY POOP - MEGAN FOX DEBUTS BABY BUMP:We can stop wondering MEGAN FOX is or isn't with child. She's definitely pregnant. She didn't announce it, but her belly did. Over the weekend, she and husband BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN hit up the big island of Hawaii to celebrate their two year wedding anniversary and this time they brought a fetus with them.

HERE'S Megan flaunting the bump in a bikini. And HERE'S Brian kissing said flaunted bump. There's no word on Megan's due date, or when the inevitable naked, pregnant Vanity Fair magazine cover will hit newsstands.

WATCH ONE OF RIHANNA'S BODYGUARDS PUNCH A PHOTOG: One of RIHANNA'S bodyguards punched out a photographer who apparently got a little too aggressive on Sunday night in London. And since the whole thing was caught on video you can safely assume the photographer is going to sue.

Speaking of RiRi ... she caused quite the social media stink yesterday after she posted a picture of herself getting friendly with a guy in a Justin Bieber mask. Some people thought it person wearing the mask was Chris Brown, but according to the Celebuzz gossip site it was actually one of her backup dancers.

ROMANCE REPORT - IS JENNIFER ANISTON ENGAGED???!!!: The internet is once again speculating as to whether JENNIFER ANISTON and Justin Theroux are engaged. This time rumors were sparked by Jen wearing a new ring. The ring was spotted as Jen and Justin arrived at LAX from a trip to France, and she tried to hide her face from photographers.

Of course I have no idea if it's an engagement ring or not, but I can tell you with some certainty it's not the usual 'Jennifer' ring she wears ...

JESSICA SIMPSON SHOWS US HER TWEETS: JESSICA SIMPSON tweeted out a simple “Howdy friends” yesterday along with this photo of daughter Maxwell ...


HUMPHRIES INSISTS HE DIDN’T TALK ABOUT DIVORCE TO 'GIRLFRIEND': We learned yesterday KRIS HUMPHRIES gave his deposition Monday to KIM KARDASHIAN'S lawyer in the couple's divorce case.Today we know a bit more of what exactly Kris told her attorneys. Humphries supposedly insisted that the Myla Sinanaj chick was just a friend and he never talked to her about his split from Kim. According to TMZ, Kris said Myla was curious about Kim, but he only spoke “generally” about his ex when Myla asked questions like, “What’s she like in real life?”

The Myla chick has claimed to have emails and texts in which Kris revealed that he “(wanted) to get the divorce over quickly,” so they could be together. And despite Kris’ claims that Kim committed fraud and only married him for TV ratings, sources say he “offered no evidence,” to back his allegations. Sources close to Humphries, however, say he just doesn't want to disclose evidence until the actual trial. Kim is expected to be deposed in Los Angeles sometime next week.

DID KHLOE AND LAMAR USE KID‘S GRADUATION FOR PHOTO OP???: Sounds like LAMAR ODOM and wife KHLOE KARDASHIAN like to play proud parents only when cameras are around. At least according to the New York Daily News. The paper reports that Lamar’s 13-year-old daughter graduated last Wednesday, and apparently Lamar made a big stink because the school would only give her three tickets -- for Lamar, her mom, and her grandmother.

But Khloe refused to skip the event and Lamar kept trying to nab his wife a ticket. The paper claims the school didn’t budge, but Khloe showed up anyway, and the couple posed for paparazzi who followed them to the event. But apparently, Lamar and Khloe weren’t as committed to his 10-year-old son’s fifth grade graduation which took place the next day. The Daily News source claims the duo skipped that ceremony because, “they got their photo op the day before and then he couldn’t be bothered.”

A rep for Khloe and Lammie tells the gossip site Gossip Cop the entire story is false. Khloe didn’t learn about the ticket limit until the day before, and the school quickly agreed to give Lamar a fourth ticket. In addition, the rep insists Lamar did go to his son's graduation and even brought his brother-in-law ROB KARDASHIAN with him.

BLASTS FROM THE PAST: Remember Ray's daughter Ally on "Everybody Loves Raymond"? Her name is Madylin Sweeten, and she's 21 today.

2. Remember Alisan Porter, the little girl from "Curly Sue"? Well, she's 31 now, married and pregnant. Yes, she put the cart before the horse.

BABY POOP: "Everybody Loves Earl" superstar JASON LEE'S wife had a baby boy. They already have a daughter named Casper, and Jason has a son from a previous relationship whose name is Pilot Inspektor. This one was given the relatively normal name Sonny.

GEORGE CLOONEY IS THE HOTTEST ACTOR OVER 50: The results are in, and according to a survey by the discussion-based social media site SodaHead, GEORGE CLOONEY is the Hottest Actor Over 50. LIAM NEESON was a distant second. Here's the Top 5:

#1.) George Clooney (51) 31%
#2.) Liam Neeson (60) 17%
#3.) Antonio Banderas (51) 14%
#4.) Colin Firth (51) 13%
#5.) Denzel Washington (57) 12%

R.I.P - WRITER/DIRECTOR NORA EPHRON: 'Sleepless in Seattle' writer-director NORA EPHRON passed away yesterday of pneumonia related to leukemia. She was 71. Her credits also included such blockbuster romantic comedies as 'You've Got Mail' and 'When Harry Met Sally', and the time-traveling food adventure 'Julie & Julia'

Here's one of the most famous and memorable scenes Ephron wrote -- the "Big-O" scene from 'When Harry Met Sally' ...