IN DENIAL - MARIAH CAREY SHAKES OFF RUMORS OF NICKI MINAJ FEUD: MARIAH CAREY is dismissing rumors of a beef with fellow ‘American Idol‘ judge NICKI MINAJ.

TMZ reported yesterday that one day into their new gigs, the pop divas were already "at each other's throats." Mariah, the gossip site claimed, kept interrupting Minaj while critiquing contestants. But yesterday, Mimi pshawed their claim saying they haven't had time to hate each other.

"How can we feud in two days?" she joked. "I think a feud takes a little longer to happen." And Nicki added, quote, "[We're] getting along wonderfully, darling."

AMANDA BYNES MADNESS - LOCKS HERSELF IN DRESSING ROOM FOR 2 HOURS: AMANDA BYNES' strange behavior continues. The former Nickelodeon child star reportedly took some clothes into an L.A boutique's fitting room yesterday and then refused to come out for nearly two hours! According to the store clerks who spoke to TMZ, they heard a "banging sound" coming from inside the room every few minutes, but everytime they would try to get Amanda to come out, she'd tell them she needed "more time."

When she finally did exit the dressing room, she went to the register and bought a pair a bathing suit top, stilettos, sunglasses and a few other things then asked the clerk to call her a cab. (PHOTO)

IS REHAB ON THE HORIZON?: A relative quoted in the New York Daily News' Page Six gossip section claims Bynes might be entering rehab before the week is over. But a source close to Bynes tells E! News, nah-uh, Amanda has no plans to enter rehab. Word on the street is she's been telling friends “everything’s fine” and stories about her deteriorating mental state “are being blown way out of proportion.”

KATE GOSSELIN SHOWS US HER (CONTROVERSIAL)TWEETS: KATE GOSSELIN (‘member her?) is getting slammed over a photo she Tweeted out of 11-year daughter Mady’s bare legs in a pair of Kate’s high heels.

Many on the social network think the pic is way too sexy and there are way too many pervs out there to be sharing it with the world. HIT UP THIS LINK for the photo, and tell me if you see anything wrong with the picture Kate tweeted.

VIDEO OF CLUB ALTERCATION BACKS MILEY’S STORY: Do you hear that? That's the sound of angel's singing now that MILEY CYRUS' good name has been cleared!

Miley won't have to worry about the criminal complaint filed last week after a man alleged she bitch slapped him during an argument with her and her fiancé at an L.A. nightclub. TMZ reports that video surveillance proves Miley kept her rage in check. Their sources say it is “almost certain” no charges will be filed against her.

SNAPSHOT - BLAKE LIVELY'S ROCK: Us Weekly has the first shot of RYAN REYNOLDS and BLAKE LIVELY making out as husband and wife. (PHOTO) Note the rock on Blake's finger. (PHOTO) Niiiiice!


CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP: Oh em gee, everyone! When TYRA BANKS goes jogging she doesn't put on makeup! Radaronline has the pics. (PHOTO 1), (PHOTO 2)

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "If I see her, I have to look away. I just feel like maybe she's not real. She's like a unicorn." -- JULIE BOWEN from 'Modern Family' in the new issue of "Health" magazine on getting star struck, especially when it comes to ANGELINA JOLIE.

PRINCE'S 'FRO - FLY OR FAIL?!: PRINCE stopped by The View yesterday morning to chat with the lovely yentas about ... um, honestly I don't know because I was so too busy bustin' a gut at the 'fro he was rockin'.