MARIAH CAREY NIP SLIP: MARIAH CAREY suffered a bit of a nip-slip at an event in Atlanta over the weekend. Here's the link to the  (PHOTO)

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SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION MICHELLE WILLIAMS AND JASON SEGEL: Us Weekly reports that MICHELLE WILLIAMS AND JASON SEGEL have called it quits. According to an insider, the couple, who’ve been dating since last March, quietly ended things earlier this month, blaming distance for the breakup. Williams lives in New York, while Segel lives in LA, where he films "How I Met Your Mother".

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MAKSIM EXPLAINS 'DANCING' DEPARTURE: Noticeably absent from yesterday’s "Dancing with the Stars" announcement was the name MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY.

When asked about the omission, a rep for ABC said, “We frequently rotate the professional dancers, so it’s not unusual for them to rest a cycle.” But Maks sure sounds like he's gone for good. "I've been a pro dancer on the show for about seven years now and am eager to explore other opportunities," he said in a statement, adding that he plans to "dive into producing and acting."

IN DENIAL - JENNIFER ANISTON NOT ISOLATING HERSELF ON MOVIE SET: As we reported yesterday, JENNIFER ANISTON is not making friends on the set of her new movie. According to Radaronline, Jen has been mostly keeping to herself on the movie’s Connecticut set, eating lunch alone in her trailer, which she’s had parked far away from fellow cast members.. “Her behavior is a clear indicator to everyone that she’s not approachable,” the gossip site quotes the source as saying.

But a rep for the actress denies the accusation, stating, “Jennifer is having the most amazing experience working on this film,” adding that sometimes “she eats quickly and then heads to her trailer because she is learning lines or rehearsing with the other actors.”

MADONNA SHOWS US HER PICS: MADONNA is such a bad girl! Despite Instagram's "mature content" warning letter, Madge just posted this pic showing some cleavage.


RIHANNA WINS RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST RECENT INTRUDER: RIHANNA Tuesday was granted a restraining order against the obsessed fan who recently tried to break into her house, according to TMZ. Wow, I'm surprised. Usually when she feels threatened by someone she dates them. Oooooh, snap!

Steveland Barrow was arrested last Thursday after breaking into the home of Rihanna’s neighbor, mistaking it for RiRi’s home.  A judge issued a temporary restraining order, barring Barrow from getting within 100 yards of Rihanna and/or her house. TMZ reports Barrow was released from custody but his whereabouts are unknown.


Meanwhile ... the not-always-reliable British tabloids are quoting "sources" who say Rihanna and CHRIS BROWN are getting married this summer. He supposedly proposed after the Grammys, she accepted, and they're going to make The Big Mistake in her native Barbados.

They're said to be planning a wild soiree that, according to the source, will include "tattoo artists, fire breathers and a near-naked waitstaff. They're even talking about having pre-rolled joints at the reception."

LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY THE MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER?!: LINDSAY LOHAN, motivational speaker? Whaaat?! It could happen if a judge follows the suggestions of her new lawyer.

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Mark Heller wrote a letter to the judge pertaining to Linds latest criminal case proposing several alternatives to keep her out of prison. Heller said a different approach was needed because of Lindsay’s turbulent home life. According to the letter, LiLo plans to record public service announcements and make "periodic visits to schools, hospitals and other venues where she may provide inspirational talks, encouraging children to pursue positive goals and avoid bad habits."

Lindsay's latest case returns to court on Friday. Police allege she lied about being behind the wheel of her car when it crashed into the back of a truck last June. She could face 245 days in jail if she's found to be in violation of her probation. I’ll pause a few seconds while you laugh at that last statement.

WHY ANNE HATHAWAY WORE THAT AWFUL PINK DRESS ON OSCAR NIGHT: It turns out the awful backless Prada dress with the conspicuously placed pleats around her breast area that ANNE HATHAWAY wore to the Oscars Sunday wasn’t the dress she originally planned to wear.

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According to the website Fashionista, what happened was Anne found out on Oscar night that the Valentino gown she was going to wear closely resembled the Alexander McQueen dress her Les Miserables co-star AMANDA SEYFRIED had chosen for the evening.

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Sources say Anne “freaked out” over the similarity, so her stylist Rachel Zoe was tasked with finding a new dress only hours before the show. That awful pink thing was evidently the best Zoe could do on such short notice.

WATCH - CARRIE FISHER'S BIZARRE CRUISE SHIP PERFORMANCE: CARRIE FISHER of "Star Wars" fame was recently hospitalized following a bizarre performance on board a Caribbean cruise ship last week. Video surfaced online, showing Fisher, who appeared to be drunk, singing off key while cleaning up after her dog, who did its business on the stage.

But Carrie's rep insists the recovering drug addict -- who was a "surprise celebrity guest" on the cruise -- was not under the influence and that she was acting strangely because of her medical condition. The rep tells TMZ, "She went to the hospital briefly to adjust her medication and is feeling much better now."

Speaking of bizarre appearances ... RICHARD SIMMONS was on "Access Hollywood Live" yesterday, and, man, was it wild. He did terrible Indian and Southern accents, seemed to mock Asian people by putting a bowl on his head and squinting his eyes, literally drooled at Maksim Chmerkovskiy, sang, did an erotic pose on the back of a couch, and licked the tattoos of one of the show's cameramen. Whew! Me thinks someone else needs their meds adjusted.

CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE - BOBBY BROWN SENTENCED TO 55 DAYS IN JAIL: BOBBY BROWN is headed to jail. Brown was sentenced to 55 days behind bars in connection with his October 2012 DUI arrest in Los Angels. (MUGSHOT)

Bobby was busted after he was spotted by officers driving erratically. The cops smelled alcohol in the car and charged him with DUI and driving on a suspended license. He pled no contest to charges and got the jail time, plus four years probation. He was also sentenced to an 18-month alcohol program. He has until March 20th to turn himself in.