MARIAH CAREY 'DONE' WITH 'AMERICAN IDOL': MARIAH CAREY is said to be ready to bolt from "American Idol" over what she considers to be NICKI MINAJ "disrespecting her."

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A source tells Fox News that last week Mariah threatened to walk off the show, even though they're down to their Top 3 finalists. "Nicki is really disrespecting her, and she's tired of trying to bite her tongue all the time," said the snitch. Last week Nicki took to Twitter and put Mariah on blast calling her "insecure" and "bitter."

According to the insider, Mariah won't be back next season. The source adds, "She's done with it all. She doesn't need the platform, and all the drama isn't healthy for her."

Meanwhile ... hubby NICK CANNON did an interview with an L.A. TV station yesterday and claimed "someone behind the scenes" at "American Idol" is "perpetuating" the Mariah-Minaj feud. Nick told KTLA that Mariah has been telling him that the show's producers set up the feud between them from the beginning.

He said she thinks it's turning "American Idol" into a trashy reality series, and alluded that Mimi will not be back next season if Nicki is asked to return. You can watch Nick open up about Mariah and the Idol drama below.

SHOTS FIRED NEAR JENNIFER LOPEZ VIDEO SHOOT: Somebody took the word "shoot" a little too literally near the set of JENNIFER LOPEZ'S new video in Fort Lauderdale Beach on Sunday night -- by firing off a few rounds from a gun.

J-Lo and PITBULL were midway through the filming of a clip for their collaboration "Live It Up" when the shots rang out. Neither was ever in any danger. It's unclear what happened, and according to TMZ, any suspects who may have been involved in the shooting fled before officers arrived and there are no known witnesses or injuries.

LINDSAY LOHAN NOT DRUG FREE IN REHAB: I'm beginning to think LINDSAY LOHAN isn't truly rehabbing. More like just avoiding jail. According to TMZ, the Betty Ford clinic is allowing her to have Adderall because she has a prescription for it.

Linds allegedly takes the drug to control Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, although many women use it as an appetite suppressant. However, docs at Betty Ford are keeping close tabs on her use, and if they don't think it's working well or if she's not using it for what its prescribed for, they say they'll cut her off.

LOHAN LUNACY 2 – SHAWN HOLLY WILL GET HER MONEY: LINDSAY LOHAN will be paying off her bills from her old/new attorney SHAWN HOLLEY – mostly because she has no choice. Last week, when Lindsay called begging her to come back to work, Shawn demanded Linds make good on the $150,000 she owes.

And to be sure LoHo doesn't skip out on her again, Shawn earmarked specific income to pay the debt -- in other words, royalties and other money Lindsay has coming to her will go directly to Shawn's bank account. LiLo narrowly avoided arrest last week, but only after she re-hired Shawn to deal with her rehab fiasco.

UPDATE - CHARLIE SHEEN'S EX, BROOKE MUELLER, CHECKS INTO REHAB ... AGAIN: Brooke Mueller has checked into a hospital for prescription drug abuse after her twin sons with CHARLIE SHEEN were taken out of her custody last week. Brooke is getting treatment at UCLA Medical Center in California, and her rep says that she "will be there for several more days, and will likely transition directly into a residential treatment facility to get help for prescription drug abuse."

Authorities took her 4-year-old sons Bob and Max after deeming her residence an "unsafe environment." They have since been staying with Charlie's second ex-wife, and mother of his two daughters, DENISE RICHARDS. Brooke has been in rehab 18 times before. Her most recent stint was in December, to treat an addiction to Adderall.

BEFORE AND AFTER - WENDY WILLIAMS: Wow, WENDY WILLIAMS has lost a ton of weight ...

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THE MOST POWERFUL WORKING MOMS: In honor of Mother's Day, "Working Mother" magazine put together a list of the Most Powerful Working Moms. Names on the list that you might recognize include JESSICA SIMPSON, BEYONCÉ, JENNIFER LOPEZ, ANGELINA JOLIE, TINA FEY, GISELE BUNDCHEN, MARIAH CAREY, KATIE COURIC, GWYNETH PALTROW, and GWEN STEFANI.