MARIAH CAREY DISLOCATES SHOULDER, HOSPITALIZED: MARIAH CAREY was rushed to a hospital in New York yesterday after dislocating her shoulder during a video shoot. But no worries, America, Mimi's fine and expected to be up and posting selfies on Twitter any day now. In fact, she's still planning to perform at the big Hurricane Sandy Relief concert in Central Park this Saturday.

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Mariah reportedly hurt herself when she lost her footing while walking around in high heels. According to her rep, doctors at the emergency room reset her shoulder, and sent her home where she's currently recovering. If thise recent Instagram photo of Mariah in heels is any indication of the heels she was wearing for the video shoot, I'm surprised she hasn't injured herself sooner ...


WATCH VIDEO OF RIHANNA (DRUNKENLY?) STUMBLING OUT OF KINGS OF LEON SHOW: Looks like RIHANNA was really enjoying herself at a Kings of Leon concert this weekend. Fan video caught RiRi being escorted through the concert grounds in Poland and she appeared to be having a hard time staying on her feet. Regardless of how inebriated she may or may not have been, Rihanna definitely gave the concert a thumbs up, tweeting, “Easily the best night of our lives! To the Kings, we love you for life!"

The quality of the video is not all that great, but I'm inclined to believe it is Rihanna because the person is wearing the same outfit Rihanna is wearing in this photo she tweeted on the day she landed in Poland -- the same day of the Kings show.


SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION STACY KEIBLER AND GEORGE CLOONEY: Looks like the GEORGE CLOONEY/STACY KEIBLER breakup rumors may be true. People is the latest outlet to claim the couple has ended their two-year relationship, and they say it was Stacy who decided it was over. According to the magazine, the couple decided to go their separate ways after two years because they couldn't agree on how their relationship should develop. A source close to the pair says, "Stacy called it quits. She wants to have children and a family someday. She knows where George stands on that. They talked and they quietly stopped being a couple several weeks ago."

London's Mirror was the first to report the split. Their source blamed Clooney's fear of commitment as the reason for the death of the relationship. "As soon as he feels a woman is getting too close he pulls back,” said the tattletale.

SNAPSHOT – ALYSSA MILANO: ALYSSA MILANO was doing the talk show circuit in NYC yesterday, and evidently forgot to pack her bra. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

SOFIA VERGARA SHOWS US HER (BUTT) PICS: What's sexier than the photo HEIDI KLUM posted yesterday of her sunburned bottom? SOFIA VERGARA showing off her butt in a thong bikini!  Oh-em-gee, I've died and gone to heaven!!!

Who Say

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - JENNIFER ANISTON PUTS BREAK UP RUMORS TO REST: Despite all the breakup rumors and the wedding-has-been-put-on-hold stories, JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN THEROUX are still very much a couple. We know this because the two were spotted enjoying a day of shopping together in Beverly Hills over the weekend.(PHOTO)

Last month, tabloids and gossip sites claimed the pair was on the outs after reports surfaced they postponed their wedding, and were fighting over whether to live in New York or Los Angeles. But things looked like they were a-okay between them as they were photographed out in public, with Jen still wearing her engagement ring. (PHOTO)

CELEBRITY COURT - KATY PERRY $ETTLE$ LAW$UIT WITH HAIR CARE COMPANY: KATY PERRY has reportedly won a lawsuit against hair care company GHD, with whom she had an endorsement deal. The company attempted to back out of what Perry claims was an oral agreement to pay her $2 million for a two-year extension on her deal. Perry counter-sued and the case was eventually settled. TMZ reports that Perry in the suit was awarded “a significant amount of money.” California girls…they’re undeniable!

OBAMAS MAKE AMANDA BYNES 'UGLY' LIST: The list of people AMANDA BYNES considers "ugly" just grew by two. Bynes decided to aim a little higher with her lowbrow Twitter trolling --  this time insulting President Obama and the first lady.
I'm going to miss her tweets after Seal Team Six swarms her house!
, plus her own father and sister.

Speaking of the train-wreck known as Amanda Bynes .... she had a court hearing this morning over that whole NYPD/bong thrown out the window thing, and this is how she decided to show up to court looking like ...

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The judge, who apparently did not have a problem with Amanda's aqua-colored wig or the fact that she rolled into his court in sweatpants and a tank top, continued the case to September 26.